Are Cybercriminals Taking the Lead? Exorcist 2.0 and BazarLoader Deconstructed

See how the right technology and the right people can detect and mitigate the most advanced threats including unknown ransomware.

Detect and Respond to Threats Faster with GoSecure MDR Essentials

MDR Essentials Combines Antivirus with
Endpoint Detection and Response

Cybersecurity Perceptions vs. Reality

Two-year study reveals disconnect on the
perceptions and practices of organizations

Study Identifies Key Buying
Criteria for MSSPs

IDC Perceptions Study

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Ask These Critical Questions and Consider These Risks When Selecting an MDR Provider

A Gartner Research Report

What We Do

Cloud Delivered Managed Detection & Response

GoSecure Managed Detection and Response helps all organizations reduce dwell time by preventing breaches before they happen. GoSecure MDR offers a market-leading portfolio of modular detection and response capabilities, delivered as a cloud service, to protect critical data and assets. GoSecure is the first and only security provider to offer a full spectrum from managed threat hunting to managed incident response and forensics services across the endpoint, network and inbox.

Next Generation Antivirus

Replace legacy antivirus solutions with the latest endpoint anti-malware technology to address emerging, fileless, memory-based attacks and more.
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Endpoint Detection & Response

Leverage cutting edge threat hunting and machine learning to continuously monitor and observe all aspects on endpoint activity to mitigate attacks before they happen. 
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Network Detection & Response

Proactively monitor and detect unwanted network traffic activity to identify and mitigate network compromises and internal attacks. 
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Inbox Detection & Response

Stop phishing and ransomware attacks in the email inbox before they ever reach the endpoint. 
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Insider Threat Detection & Response

Detect and eliminate malicious and unwanted behavior by employees and administrators to secure data and protect business reputation. 
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Industry Tested AND Trusted

Framework Certified

GoSecure’s CounterTack platform proven to provide real-time detection, root cause analysis, and real-time automated remediation needed to keep pace with the speed of today’s attacks.

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ICSA Advanced Threat
Defense Certified Product

GoSecure’s CounterTack platform was certified as an Advanced Threat Defense Product with 100% detection rate and a 0% false positive rate for behavior-based detection.

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GoSecure Managed Detection
and Response Solutions

Trusted by Security Industry Leaders

Managed Detection & Response
Advisory Services
Next-Generation Antivirus
Endpoint Detection & Response
Network Detection & Response
Inbox Detection & Response
Insider Threat Detection & Response
ResponderPRO Forensics Toolkit
Managed Firewall
Managed SIEM
Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Security Lifecycle
Email Security
Web Security
Cybersecurity Assessment
Security Compromise Assessment
Ethical Hacking
Incident Response & Forensics
Compliance & Audit
3rd Party Technology

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