Advisory Services

Comprehensive Advisory Services and World-Class Ethical Hacking

GoSecure powered by CounterTack Advisory Services assess cybersecurity maturity and risk. We work closely with Security Teams to define a security roadmap that best fits their situation, needs and budget to improve their security posture.

Advisory Services

GoSecure's global team of experts work with customers to solve complex challenges in sophisticated enterprise environments. 


Cyber Security Assessment

The Cyber Security Assessment service provides an independent analysis of your security capabilities, how security technology, processes and personnel are being used and how to dramatically increase effectiveness and efficiency. Using our unique Top-Down and Bottom-Up methodology, our Architecture Team reviews security configurations, policies and controls while our Ethical Hacking team test adherence with applied policies and technology controls.

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Security Compromise Assessment

Concerned you might currently be, or previously been, breached? Wondering what types of suspicious activity are active on your network? The GoSecure Security Compromise Assessment can help you get the answers to these, and many more, questions. Our team of experienced threat hunters identify the hidden threats, and advanced adversaries, that have breached your IT infrastructure as well as providing guidance and recommendations for mitigation.

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Incident Response and Forensics

When a breach occurs, fast and effective response is required. GoSecure Incident Response and Forensics consulting services can be everything from your first responder to the forensics team. Security teams looking for an effective forensics tool can utilize the GoSecure ResponderPro Forensic Toolkit. Self-service to full-service, GoSecure is ready to help in your time of cybersecurity emergency.

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Ethical Hacking & Red Team

The general objective of an ethical hacking engagement is to discover and explore vulnerabilities of a target technology, asset, system or infrastructure, assessing the target security control and resilience. We baseline it to comparable reference practices and standards. The project scope can vary greatly, as well as engagement approach, from targeted testing for specific issues to very sophisticated Red Team engagements.

  • Application Security Program Assessment
    • Gap Analysis
    • Code Security Review
  • External Intrusion Tests
  • Internal Intrusion Tests
  • Web Application Intrusion Testing
  • Mobile Application Intrusion Testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Social Engineering Vulnerability Testing
  • Endpoint Intrusion Testing
  • Analysis of Public Sources Information
  • Malware / APT Hunting
  • Regression Testing

Once vulnerabilities have been identified, GoSecure provides recommendations that will be used to mitigate these vulnerabilities to acceptable levels.

From testing airplane security to nuclear generation sites and law enforcement agencies, we have the experience and security credentials needed to tackle your most sensitive and complex projects.

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