CounterTack Advanced Malware Threat Video Part III: Malware Dropper

Posted by Madeline Lee   |   February 21, 2018



Welcome to the third of CounterTack’s four-part video series on Advanced Malware Threats. In this video, a user unknowingly installs dropper on their endpoint security during a browser session.

In this demo, the user downloads vlcplayer.exe which in reality is the NetSky malware. The endpoint security however, is running CounterTack’s EDR solution, which can detect malware running in memory, using our Digital DNA technology. Within less than a second, the process is killed, it disappears from task manager, and a network quarantine message appears notifying the user their endpoint has been quarantined by CounterTack’s endpoint sensor.

Learn about how CounterTack can help you protect against malware threats in the video above! Check out our previous Advanced Threat video here and here.

Topics: malware, cybersecurity, endpoint security, CounterTack, EDR, endpoint detection and response, advanced attacks, dropper, NetSky

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