Webcast: Virtual Machine Introspection to Combat APTs

Posted by Nate Buell   |   May 4, 2012

It’s time to face it. Traditional perimeter security defense is dead. The question enterprise organizations face is no longer “Will I be breached?” But instead, “Have I already been breached? Do I have an active threat inside my network right now? And if so, where is it, what is it doing right now and what is it after?”

Today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs) – attacks launched by highly skilled, well-resourced cyber adversaries – demand a new approach.

Join Enterprise Strategy Group senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik and CounterTack for a 45-minute webinar on May 16 at 2:00 p.m. EST to learn the benefits of virtual machine introspection for real-time monitoring and actionable forensics intelligence across all stages of an active attack.

  • Gain unparalleled situational awareness into your network environment
  • Arm yourself with superior on-premise threat intelligence about activities targeting your company
  • Adapt to changing cyber enemy skills and tactics
  • Ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure and security operations workflows

For more information on virtual machine introspection from CounterTack, download this .

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