Gartner’s Top Security Trends and Takeaways: Intelligence Top of Mind and Honeypots on the Horizon

Posted by Nate Buell   |   May 20, 2013

Last week, Gartner presented their Top Security Trends and Takeaways for 2013 that was led by Earl Perkins, Research VP. Perkins took a comprehensive look at the shifting challenges and opportunities within the cybersecurity field.

While the presentation covered an array of trends – from BYOD to cloud security – Perkins’ overview of security intelligence piqued our interest most. While he only spent a few minutes discussing the topic, he adeptly outlined the benefits of security intelligence in regards to protecting both your informational and operational security. Specifically, Perkins made note of the industry’s emerging capabilities when it comes to evaluating reduced sets of intelligence and integrating that intelligence with day-to-day business data. The collection and use of data allows businesses to more efficiently allocate their limited IT and monetary resources, while supporting their cybersecurity infrastructure at the same time.

At the end of the webinar, Perkins fielded a question regarding the effectiveness of honeypots and honeynets. He said that while honeypots have been traditionally seen as “fairly incapable,” they are evolving in effectiveness and will likely play a valuable role in the future data monitoring arena. Perkins expects honeypots to be a supporting piece in the overall trend of active defense, in which businesses build a situational awareness of their cybersecurity threats.

We always enjoy hearing from Gartner on cybersecurity and are especially looking forward to their research on honeypots and active defense. Thank you to Earl Perkins for leading a great webinar and pointing out some important trends!

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