Cyber Resiliency is a Message That Resonates

Posted by Tom Bain   |   September 17, 2014

I've been attending the Inbound Conference, hosted by HubSpot this week, to brush up on a few things in my discipline (Marketing). Speakers present new Marketing strategies, and mainly inspiration for Marketers to find truly different ways to communicate to audiences. Every session focuses on specific tactics, like blogging or email or telling better stories.

So I stepped outside the cybersecurity world for a minute. A particular session focused on 'capturing real' made me realize how military influences might really help tell stories better in some ways, in terms of conciseness, relevancy, and well, 'real-ness.' As I searched my news feed, a specific story that's been circulating confirmed that to me, and its striking how poignant this one is. 

curved_codeNSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers said something extremely prolific, equating cybersecurity to actual conditions on the battlefield. Its a powerful statement that to me, affirms how simple messages should be shaped, with the actual message being spot-on for the security industry, the government and enterprise business. 

Paraphrasing here: "In no other arena, Rogers argued, is it acceptable to totally shut down operations in the face of an attack. However, somehow this is something of a norm when it comes to network defense."

An article that appeared in ThreatPost that laid out a new vision, Rogers' statement is superbly crafted, and could not more accurate, especially in terms of how CounterTack came to become a company on the cusp of reinventing how security technology can and should be applied in a resiliency model.

In the past we've shut down in the face of adversity as attackers hack into systems at will. Rogers argues that, and acknowleges, look, you will be attacked. You will suffer collateral damage and loss. But you can contain it, and you need to stand up and fight to win. Its brilliant really. 

Author Brian Donohue captured this vision quite well as Rogers lays out 5 key components to his thought on cyber resiliency: 

  • Building resilient systems from the ground up - this jives with Gartner's 'Prevention is Futile' notion. 
  • True situational awareness requires a clear picture of what is going on within their networks, what normal looks like and what abnormal looks like - sounds familiar right? Its all about VISIBILITY!!
  • Information-sharing is critical, between partners. His point being, have real goals, don't just establish partnerships because its cool. Have a goal, learn about threats and figure out collaboratively how to defeat and resist them in the future.
  • For the NSA specifically, he aims to establish a simplified chain of command to better support real-time reactivity.
  • Lastly, its about the people! He referred to the fact that 6,200 new jobs in cybersecurity will be created within the government. 

With a lot of noise in the industry, sometimes its hard to cut through that clutter. Its good to step outside of what you are submersed in daily. You might step right back in able to recognize a truly unique viewpoint. 

Take a look at why CounterTack was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor based on our aligned approach outlined above, or read about our approach to countering APTs leveraging similarly developed methodologies. 

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