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GoSecure Titan Labs Technical Report: BluStealer Malware Threat

GoSecure Titan Labs obtained a sample of the high-profile malware identified as BluStealer – that can steal credentials, passwords, credit card data, and more. The expert investigators at Titan Labs developed this detailed analysis that examines the infection vector, components, methods of exfiltration and capabilities.

This sample of an optical disc image (ISO) file (01d4b90cc7c6281941483e1cccd438b2) from GoSecure’s Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) team embedded within the ISO file is a 32-bit executable (6f7302e24899d1c05dcabbc8ec3e84d4) compiled in Visual Basic 6. The following is an in-depth analysis of the portable executable (PE).

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Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-40444)

The experts at GoSecure Titan Labs are aware of a new 0-day Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. Our team of investigators has identified a mitigation and remediation strategy that technology professionals can use to address this emerging challenge swiftly.

This vulnerability has been given the CVE identifier of CVE-2021-40444. This vulnerability uses specially crafted Microsoft Word documents to create an ActiveX control that will execute malicious code upon opening the document. ActiveX is a Microsoft Framework designed to allow applications to share data through web browsers. Released in 1996, it has been criticized for almost a decade. However, ActiveX remains a part of Internet Explorer for backwards compatibility.

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The Neverending Story: The PrintNightmare Debacle

The Story That Keeps on Giving: The PrintNightmare FiascoPrintNightmare is a set of software vulnerabilities around Windows’ Print Spooler service. It was originally disclosed in July as CVE-2021-34527 – a print spooler remote code execution – and CVE-2021-1675 – a print spooler privilege escalation.

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Is there a right time for a cybersecurity assessment?
Q&A with Eric Rochette, SVP of Global Services

Eric RochetteEric has been with GoSecure for over 15 years and has helped build the Advisory Services team in addition to creating its cybersecurity assessment methodology. In this blog, we asked Eric several questions to help provide more insights around cybersecurity assessments and when organizations should seriously consider performing one. As you will see, Eric is very passionate about the value assessments offer organizations in improving their security risk and maturity.

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Step-by-step how to deanonymize emails on LinkedIn

Step-by-step how to deanonymize emails on LinkedInWe have previously talked about LinkedIn having an endpoint for Outlook profile cards. This endpoint is receiving email addresses as input and returns the complete profile information (name, company, location, etc.). These sorts of APIs can be abused for OSINT.

To reproduce the set-by-step tutorial your will need an Outlook account (, or email), the latest version of ZAP and our WebSocket plugin.

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