GoSecure Breach Readiness Services

Don’t wait for a breach to get ready.

Limit the Impact to Your Business in the Event of a Breach

Being prepared to respond to a security breach as quickly as possible can limit the impact to your business. Find out how prepared your organization really is with GoSecure Breach Readiness Services and we will help you evaluate your organizational readiness for a breach and determine your security maturity level.

To really know if you are ready when an attack happens, you need an understanding of your current breach readiness maturity, where there are gaps in your incident response program, and how effective are your security capabilities and tools. GoSecure can help with our Breach Readiness Services including a Breach Readiness Assessment (BRA) that will evaluate your threat detection and response capabilities and how they compare to best practices and our Breach Readiness Tabletop Exercises that will test and sharpen your incident response capabilities under pressure in a controlled environment.

Breach Readiness Assessment

The GoSecure Breach Readiness Assessment (BRA) approach is based on three pillars – incident response plan, the disaster recovery plan and the business continuity plan. These pillars are interdependent and one often creates a ‘domino effect’ that could result in activating one or both of the other pillars. GoSecure evaluates your breach readiness program according to our framework built on the 10 key building blocks that define breach response readiness. Each building block is built on a fixed set of elements that helps GoSecure determine the effectiveness and maturity of your breach readiness program. We will provide you a report with detailed recommendations based on the results and observations to help you better understand your breach response readiness and help with determining your next steps.

Tabletop Exercises

GoSecure Tabletop Exercises help your team prepare for a cybersecurity incident. We test your actual breach readiness and help ensure your plans are feasible, comprehensive and understood by all relevant team members and workable under pressure. Tabletop exercises can be conducted at any time with or without an assessment. The progress of the tabletop exercise takes place in the logical order of an incident response steps and aims to evaluate how the establishment of the crisis unit, the communications and the decision-making would flow in a real incident situation. Once the exercise is completed, you will receive a post-exercise report with general observations and recommendations and a corrective action report that addresses areas of assessment, gaps and recommendations on how to remedy those gaps. GoSecure Tabletop Exercises help sharpen group problem-solving capabilities under pressure and elevate your organization’s breach readiness.

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