Full Spectrum Cyber Threat Detection

Detect Threats Other Solutions Miss

Security experts estimate that Antivirus solutions fail to detect 40-50% of all attacks.

Predictive EPP eliminates exposure by integrating the collection and analysis of threat data on disk, in the OS and in memory.  Our integrated approach expands cyber threat detection beyond the siloed approach of other solutions.

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Key Features

Detect advanced malware, ransomware and fileless threats that circumvent other endpoint solutions.

Focus on Behavior
Traditional endpoint solutions are based on static models (Signatures and IoCs). This approach fails with today's advanced threats, where the focus needs to be on suspicious behavior.

Full Spectrum Threat Detection
Predictive EPP integrates the collection and analysis of behavioral data on disk, in the OS, and in memory.  It expands threat detection capabilities beyond siloed solutions.

Predict and Mitigate
By analyzing the context and relationship between behaviors, Predictive EPP accurately predicts threat intentions, enabling proactive mitigation.

Detect and remove malicious files before they execute and spread through the network.

detect threats on disk

Predictive EPP features NextGen AV. It detects and automatically removes known malware on-disk. Machine Learning enables detection of new malware and ransomware variants designed to evade traditional Antivirus.

Detect suspicious OS behavior and expose new malware, ransomware and fileless threats.

threats in the OS

Predictive EPP continuously monitors OS behavior. It investigates when endpoint resources are manipulated in an unexpected manner. Predictive EPP monitors files, registry keys, processes and network connections. It monitors for changes to privileges and roles, and much more.

Detect new malware, ransomware and fileless attacks in the only place they can’t hide – in memory.

detects threats in memory

CounterTack’s Digital DNA is the next generation in-memory behavior analysis. It detects obfuscated and unknown malware, zero-day attacks and fileless threats as they are loaded into live physical memory. Digital DNA analyzes suspicious code to predict what it will do and convict with near zero false positives. Learn More

Monitor user behavior to detect and mitigate suspicious activity.

detects insider threats

Predictive EPP continuously monitors and alerts on user behavior. It identifies user, time and IP address. It captures file reads, writes and deletes. Predictive EPP monitors processes created and terminated. It records all network connections, as well as USB device mount/dismount, and much more.

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"We’ve turned to tools that work to address fileless malware and zero-day attacks and look at more behavior as opposed to signature-based indicators."

Steve Stonebraker, Principal Security Architect

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