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Data Breaches In Healthcare Totaled Over 112 Million Records In 2015


CounterTack CTO Michael Davis comments on Healthcare data breaches in 2015. 

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5 Enterprise Technology Resolutions for 2016

MRC's Cup of Joe Blog

CounterTack CTO Michael Davis discusses the culture of security that all organizations should employ. 

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The Most Innovative and Damaging Hacks of 2015


CounterTack CTO Michael Davis provides insights around some of the most damaging hacks of 2015. 

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Enterprises Must Prepare for Nation State Attacks


Baseline discusses the recently released report, The Rise in Nation State Attacks, authored by the Ponemon Institute and CounterTack. 

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Paladion Partners with CounterTack | MCSI


Virtual Strategy Magazine covers our latest partnership with Paladion. 

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Inside next-gen endpoint detection solutions


CounterTack is listed among the leaders of the next-gen endpoint security revolution. 

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Thought Leaders in Cyber Security: Neal Creighton, CEO of CounterTack

CounterTack CEO, Neal Creighton, discusses the need to replace existing endpoint security solutions, and how CounterTack can fit into the next-generation of products.

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Malware important focus for fighting nation-state security threats (11/3/2015)

CounterTack VP of Global Marketing, Tom Bain, says malware is important for channel partners looking to be trusted advisors. 

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Industry Reactions to CISA Approval by Senate: Feedback Friday

CounterTack VP of Global Marketing, Tom Bain, discusses the controversial cybersecurity bill and its possible ramifications. 

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Network World: New products of the week 10.26.2015

Responder PRO Free Trial is featured in Network World's New Products of the Week. 

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