GoSecure Custom Cybersecurity Consulting Services
Put Our Experts to Work for You

GoSecure Custom Cybersecurity Consulting Services deliver proactive advice and recommendations to improve security posture tailored to your organization’s needs.

With a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape and security teams already stretched thin responding to accelerating threats, is it time to consider expert Custom Cybersecurity Consulting services from a trusted partner like GoSecure?

GoSecure Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagements are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and optimize your cybersecurity programs. We assist organizations who want to focus on proactive solutions to some of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today — from how to defend against breaches to plans for recovery after an attack.

GoSecure has skilled, trusted and certified experts ready to deliver Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagements for your organization.
You’ll have the confidence of knowing that our professionals deliver real-world expertise gained from being on the front lines of attack detection and response, threat intelligence gathering, penetration testing, breach readiness planning and cutting- edge industry research.

Our Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagements are:

  • Focused on Your Cybersecurity Goals & Objectives
  • Tailored to Your Threat Environment
  • Aligned with Your In-House Team
Every Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagement is designed to the specifications of your organization. We work with you to understand your goals, evaluate your threat environment and attack surface, then collaborate with your in-house team to create a program that will elevate your security posture. We can also plan for knowledge transfer and mentoring sessions to help develop skills that the team within your organization is looking to build.

Our past engagements have included:

  • Customized Tabletop Exercises and Table Reads
  • Immersive Offensive Exercises and Wargames
  • Threat Simulation and Threat Emulation
  • Threat Intelligence Workshops and Briefings
  • Leadership and Board of Directors’ Briefings
  • Technology and Architecture Strategy Reviews
  • Compliance and Third-Party Risk Policy / Program Reviews and Recommendations

More Options to Explore

Don’t see what you are looking for here? Do you have a cybersecurity challenge we can help you address with a custom consulting engagement? Please contact us and one of our security professionals will connect with you to learn more. Our experts offer a range of advice and services that help solve real world problems. Let’s explore what we could accomplish together.

Would you like to talk to a security expert about our many consulting options?

To hear more about how our Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagements can help your organization solve real-world problems and prepare to defend against breaches, contact us today!

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