GoSecure Cybersecurity Assessment
Understand and Improve Security Posture

Get quick, actionable insights to understand cybersecurity posture, drive security strategy and determine the value of your current security tools

Gain a comprehensive understanding of security posture with a GoSecure Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA). The CSA provides actionable insights on cybersecurity maturity and delivers practical recommendations to improve based on your organization size, industry and information technology environment.

“It (the Cybersecurity Assessment) was incredibly useful, done in a sympathetic way. Of course, it generated two years of work, but it got us to where we are—decent firewall, decent switches, decent integrations with endpoints—all those pieces. If we had not done that security assessment, I don’t think we would have gotten to where we need to be.”
– Alan Tottman, Director of Information Management and Technology, Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation (read the case study here)

Flexible Packages for Every Organization

GoSecure offers three CSA packages that deliver important insights based on the time, resources and budget you want to allocate to the assessment.
  • The GoSecure CSA Elite and the GoSecure CSA Enterprise packages both offer a comprehensive review of security posture. The package options vary based on the detail of analysis needed and breakdown of security elements reviewed. Both will produce
    important insights that can help your organization drive security roadmaps and develop strategies to ensure you are getting value and results from your security technologies. Recommendations will focus on risks and issues in the industry associated with your organization.
  • The GoSecure CSA Essentials package is based on our Enterprise offering but streamlined to focus exclusively on the areas that have
    the highest likelihood of incidents and breaches for your organization’s industry.

When to Consider a GoSecure CSA

A GoSecure CSA can help organizations with security programs in various stages of development.
  • If you have an existing information strategy, your organization will benefit from an evaluation of current cybersecurity posture, as well as the opportunity to determine if you are getting the most potential value out of current security tools. Our experts can recommend updated configurations, find gaps or help identify areas for investment.
  • If you are new to an organization or have a new security program, the GoSecure CSA provides the tools to develop a comprehensive roadmap by establishing a clear baseline across critical security elements, then offers practical recommendations where to focus to improvement initiatives, update configurations and/or consider future investment.

What Does the GoSecure CSA Include?

A CSA from GoSecure will offer a multifaceted review of security posture. Depending on the CSA package, organization complexity, industry, environment and other factors, the assessment may include:

  • Application Testing
  • Cybersecurity Governance Review
  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Review
  • Identity and Access Management Review
  • Internal/External Penetration Testing
  • Strategic Roadmap Review
  • Social Engineering /Phishing Programs
  • WiFi / Endpoint Testing
  • And more!

For each category evaluated within the CSA, GoSecure will provide a score based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). It’s easy to understand your score compared to your organization’s target for each metric in our clear and comprehensive report. Recommendations will focus on the actions to help your organization achieve your goal CMMI scores. With a clear baseline, your organization will be able to measure improvement each year and understand your performance in key cybersecurity areas.

Ask us how a CSA Essentials can benefit your organization by applying risk management best practices.
The GoSecure CSA is a great option for mature security programs who want to evaluate the value and effectiveness of the tools and processes currently in place. Contact us to get understandable metrics, actionable insights and clear benchmarks for future evaluations.
Have a newer security program? The GoSecure CSA will give you a baseline understanding of the current state along will practical recommendations to help drive security roadmaps and key initiatives that can be measured again to demonstrate improvement.

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