Digital DNA

Detect Advanced Threats in Memory

Predictive EPP features the only true in-memory threat detection technology. Our patented Digital DNA scans live memory, reverse engineers suspicious code and then predicts malicious intentions. 

It delivers the predictive power to expose advanced threats before they can execute and cripple your business.

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Key Features

Defend against new malware variants, obfuscated malware and fileless attacks.

Digital DNA

New malware variants, obfuscated malware and fileless threats evade detection from traditional detection technologies. However, each must be loaded into memory, unaltered, in order to execute. CounterTack Digital DNA is the only solution that detects and analyzes malicious behavior in memory.

Detect suspicious code in the one place it can’t hide – in memory.

scans live physical memory

Digital DNA scans live physical memory for suspicious code. Memory scans are initiated by out-of-the-box and customer-defined conditions. For example, a file download from the internet or USB drive.

Determine what the code is trying to do.

reverse engineers code

Digital DNA is unique in its ability to reverse engineer potentially malicious code to determine what it is trying to do.

Determine if the code acts like malware.

predicts malicious behavior

Digital DNA features a threat library of over 4,000 malware traits. It uses the library to analyze trait patterns and to identify the capabilities of the code. Digital DNA  can then predicts if it acts like malware.

Predict, convict and mitigate with near zero false positives.

near zero false positives

Security Teams cannot waste time chasing false positives. Machine Learning enhances Digital DNA’s predictive accuracy. It drives false positives down to near zero, enabling Security Teams to convict and mitigate with confidence.

Select the only true in-memory solution.


Other endpoint solutions claim they feature in-memory threat detection. They are limited in threat detection depth and accuracy. They generate a flood of false positives. When evaluating endpoint solutions make sure to do an apples-to-apples comparison.

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"Having the proper tools is important, because without the tools, you’re not going to have the visibility. Behavior-analysis and machine-learning techniques can look at how malware is working and what are on the system, and then stop it before it can carry out its intended action."

Jason Kinder, Director of Corporate Security

Leonardo DRS.


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