Endpoint Detection & Response

Industry Leading Visibility and Correlation for Fastest Response

Stop the Hidden Threats

Traditional antivirus has been very successful at stopping known attacks. But when adversaries can easily check their work against all major AV vendors, the new battleground is what AV doesn’t catch. From obfuscation and encryption for remaining hidden, to file less malware operating in memory, there are countless techniques for bypassing traditional security technologies. GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response combines market leading visibility with multi-observational analysis to detect more, and respond faster.


A Single Sensor

NextGen AV, EDR and Insider Threat Detection are the three pillars of endpoint security. Predictive EPP consolidates these in a single sensor, platform and management console. It simplifies deployment and maintenance, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Machine Learning

GoSecure EDR applies advanced Machine Learning to on-disk, OS behavior, and in-memory threat data. It delivers predictive accuracy and reduces false positives to near zero. Machine Learning provides the confidence to convict, prioritize and mitigate threats faster and more efficiently.

Automatic Mitigation

GoSecure EDR automatically mitigates threats. Quarantine, Kill Process and Inoculate terminate threats in the early stages. Deny, Delay and Degrade provide additional time to focus on the highest priority threats and make better mitigation decisions.

In-Memory Detection

GoSecure EDR detects malware on-disk and suspicious behavior in the OS. It is the only solution that detects advanced threats in physical memory. GoSecure Managed Detection and Response extends threat detection across the network, endpoints, and the cloud.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics integrates the analysis of behavior on disk, in the OS and in memory. It accesses a threat library of over 4,000 traits and capabilities to predict threat intentions and pinpoint root causes. Predictive Analytics delivers the visibility needed to mitigate threats before they can execute.

Cloud Delivered

GoSecure EDR is offered in the cloud, via managed security services and on-premise. Organizations can fund out of OpEx or CapEx. Cloud and MSS options offer GoSecure EDR in a single, affordable monthly subscription.

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