Predictive EPP Architecture

Scalable and Affordable

The EPP architecture delivers real-time threat detection, analysis, and mitigation. It is the most scalable solution available today.

Predictive EPP is cloud-hosted, available via managed security services or on-premise.  It is affordable for any size organization.

Powered by: SAP HANA

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Key Features

A scalable, high performance architecture.

Predictive EPP consolidates NextGen AV, Predictive EDR and Insider Threat Detection in a single sensor, platform, and pane-of-glass. It delivers performance, scalability, and affordability to any size organization. 

A Single tamper-proof, low impact sensor.

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Predictive EPP deploys a single consolidated sensor on each endpoint. It collects threat data, delivers local analytics and executes automatic responses. The sensor is tamper-proof, low impact and transparent to the user.

Built for Scalability.

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Predictive EPP collectors store and forward data from multiple sensors to the SAP HANA backend. They provide scalability across any size enterprise and support distributed environments. Collectors minimize the impact on network performance and bandwidth consumption.

Built for Performance.

sap hana backend

Predictive EPP is built on the SAP HANA backend. It stores and manages the most threat data. The backend delivers fast threat detection and alerting.  It provides the most comprehensive search capabilities for hunting advanced threats with long dwell times.

Built for integration.

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Predictive EPP features a well-developed API. It supports integration with other endpoint security solutions, aggregations tools, network based solutions and 3rd party threat intelligence. Integration partners include HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, Symantec Security Analytics and VMware NSX.

Built for affordability.

multiple deployment options

Predictive EPP fits any budget. It is offered on-premise, managed hosted or through managed security services. Organizations have the flexibility to fund out of OpEx or CapEx.

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