Ethical Hacking

Vulnerability scanning. Application testing. Red and blue team exercises. Penetration testing. No matter what you call it, they all have one thing in common. Helping you understand your vulnerabilities and defenses.

Know your weakness to defend properly

Understanding your risk against the value of your assets is the first step in creating an appropriate security policy. As risk takes many forms, there is no single solution to adequately define the risk for every organization. GoSecure Ethical Hacking services cover the full spectrum of risk, attack and defense testing to help you understand where you are today versus where you need to be.


GoSecure Ethical Hacking Services

The general objective of an ethical hacking engagement is to discover and explore vulnerabilities of a target technology, asset, system or infrastructure, assessing the target security control and resilience. We baseline it to comparable reference practices and standards. The project scope can vary greatly, as well as engagement approach, from targeted testing for specific issues to very sophisticated Red Team engagements.

Some of the types of ethical hacking services we provide include:

  • Application Security Program Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Code Security Review
  • External Intrusion Tests
  • Internal Intrusion Tests
  • Web Application Intrusion Testing
  • Mobile Application Intrusion Testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Social Engineering Vulnerability Testing
  • Endpoint Intrusion Testing
  • Analysis of Public Sources Information
  • Malware / APT Hunting
  • Regression Testing

Once vulnerabilities have been identified, GoSecure provides recommendations that can be used to mitigate these vulnerabilities to acceptable levels. Whether new technologies, or new processes, the GoSecure Ethical Hacking team recommendations will help you reduce your risk to better protect your vital assets.

From testing airplane security to nuclear generation sites and law enforcement agencies, we have the experience and security credentials needed to tackle your most sensitive and complex projects.