Ethical Hacking

Understand Your Vulnerabilities to Better Defend Your Assets

Defining Risk Leads to Better Security

Understanding your risk against the value of your assets is the first step in creating an appropriate security policy. As risk takes many forms, there is no single solution to adequately define the risk for every organization. GoSecure Ethical Hacking services cover the full spectrum of risk, attack and defense testing to help you understand where you are today versus where you need to be.

Ethical Hacking Services

The general objective of an ethical hacking engagement is to discover and explore vulnerabilities of a target technology, asset, system or infrastructure, assessing the target security control and resilience. We baseline it to comparable reference practices and standards. The project scope can vary greatly, as well as engagement approach, from broad based vulnerability scanning to targeted testing for specific issues.

  • Application Security Program Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Code Security Review
  • External Intrusion Tests
  • Internal Intrusion Tests
  • Web Application Intrusion Testing
  • Mobile Application Intrusion Testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Embedded device Testing
  • Mainframe Security Assessment

Red, Blue and Purple Teaming

Red Team Exercise: Emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by today’s adversaries, GoSecure Red Team exercises challenge the internal security team to defend against a simulated attack. The goal of a red team exercise is to understand how current security defenses would protect an organization against an ongoing attack, rather than a point in time view as presented by a penetration test.

Blue Team Exercise: Blue Team exercises test the active response capabilities of an organization during an attack. In todays “when, not if” world of cybersecurity, testing your response capabilities is vital to ensure you have cross-functional support and communication. Breach response involves multiple groups within an organization, all working together to respond, mitigate and communicate. GoSecure Blue Team exercises shine a spotlight on an organizations current ability to respond to the inevitable.

Purple Team Exercise: Understanding how well red and blue teams communicate and share learnings is the goal of GoSecure Purple Team exercises. Defending an organization needs to be a combined effort where all security team members are constantly communicating, and learning, from other groups. In very mature organizations, this occurs naturally, creating an organic purple team that adapts as the security organization changes. But for many organizations it’s difficult to know how well the internal teams communicate, especially during the stress of a ongoing attack.

Assess, Test, Repeat

Security today is not set it and forget it. The days of passive, reactive, security is long past. Constance vigilance is required. For many organizations, however, penetration testing is done for compliance reasons, rather than security. And teaming exercises are completely foreign. With GoSecure Ethical Hacking services you have a full set of testing and teaming options available to help you achieve your security goals.

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