RSA Conference 2021
RSA Conference 2021

RSA Virtual Experience

It comes as no surprise that the theme for RSA 2021 is “Resilience”. In the past year, IT security teams had to be resilient to address challenges like the expanded remote workforce, a dynamic threat landscape and a workforce shortage gap to name just a few.

If you have plans to attend RSA, be sure to stop by our virtual booth to learn more about GoSecure solutions and advisory services. Don’t have a pass? Take advantage of our free Digital Expo pass code below.

GoSecure Interactive Learning Sessions

Cybersecurity Assessments:
Do you want to look good or be good?

How secure is your organization truly? You have recently gotten your organization assessed, but how do you know the results are representative of your actual security state? Not all assessments are built equal. This talk will help you understand the challenges and approaches that distinguish substantive assessments from the run-of-the-mill offerings currently flooding the market.

As usual, the GoSecure security research team is well represented at RSA, sharing their insights and expertise in two Interactive Learning Sessions:

Advanced Binary Analysis Techniques
Malware is growing in complexity as adversaries leverage the very same protection techniques that are developed for digital rights management solutions and anti-cheat solutions. This Lab offers hands-on analysis techniques to defeat modern malware including code emulation, symbolic execution, and constraint solving to reason about malicious behavior statically without executing dangerous code.
Alexandre Beaulieu
Security Researcher
Botnet Network Analysis Using Open-Source Tools
Learn how to quickly gain insights from real-life malicious botnet network traffic. In this Lab, participants will build a workflow using open source tools to efficiently find behavioral patterns behind a botnet known to have contributed to social media fraud. Analyze, filter, extract and visualize 3.9M packets using Wireshark, Tshark, Jupyter, Python, Pandas and hvPlot.
Masarah Paquet-Clouston
Olivier Bilodeau
Cybersecurity Research Director

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We hope to see you at RSA 2020!

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