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The Next WannaCry and SamSam Is In Development? Are You Prepared?

Limited security resources and outdated security solutions fail to protect hospitals from Ransomware and Fileless attacks


45% of ransomware targeted healthcare

Attackers notice when something is working. Numerous high-profile attacks confirm that hospitals are vulnerable.

Antivirus can't stop today's threats
7 out of 10 organizations don't believe their antivirus can stop today's fileless attacks. High infection rates are a clear indication conventional endpoint cyber security solutions are not working.
$5 Million
The average cost of an attack
Erie County Medical Center reported total costs from one ransomware attack cost over $10 Million. Recovery took over three months.

What happens when your EHR system is held hostage?

The SamSam attack on Allscript's EHR interrupted hospital services for more than three weeks. Physician and patient loyalty, hospital brand and revenues were comprised. Hospitals need to protect their EHR systems with Predictive EPP for:

  • Unparalleled Visibility. A Behavioral approach to detect more threats than anyone else
  • Extensibility. Customizable to their specific risk profile
  • Scalability. Support their high volume of endpoints
  • Predictability. To convict and mitigate suspicious behavior before they execute

See how our Predictive Endpoint Protection Platform and Advanced Mitigation Services detect, predict and mitigate fileless attacks before they cripple your hospital operations.

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