Implementation, Training and Forensic Analysis

Comprehensive Professional Services and Training for Today's Enterprise

CounterTack leverages its unique expertise in behaviorally-based threat detection, binary analysis and malware forensics to deliver a full suite of services and training to assist cusotmers with product implementations, threat forensics and functional training to promote best practices in endpoint security. 

Professional Services

CounterTack’s global team of experts work with customers to solve integration and advanced endpoint threat challenges in sophisticated enterprise environments. 

Forensic Analysis 

CounterTack leverages its behavior monitoing capability, and its patented Digital DNA technology to help customers analyze threats. CounterTack will use deep investigation techniques to identify malicious activity and undetected malware residue to assist customers in responding to threats through incident triage incidents. Malware forensic analysis experts analyze infected endpoints to alleviate the costly tasks of reimaging machines. 

The CounterTack team also works with customers to assess the overall endpoint health of an organization through its Healthcheck service, a 30-day service engagement and a comprehensive risk assessment that provides prescriptive action to improve an organization's risk posture. 

Implementation Services

Endpoint Protection Platform integration and implementation services are are delivered by CounterTack's team of global solutions engineers to promote peak efficiency of product use. 

CounterTack strives to reduce risk, provide and maintain technical controls, and ensure corporate alignment once our technology is deployed. 

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Training programs are offered by CounterTack product and forensic analysis experts to promote best practices, and are available as on-site and virtual training sessions for added customer flexibility.

Platform Training (Product)

CounterTack works with customers to plan and design the timeline and phased approach for implementation and deployment to ensure that the value of the Endpoint Protection Platform is optimized up front.

Advanced forensic analysis training for security teams is also available, covering best practices for using the Endpoint Protection Platform for threat detection, data analysis interpretation and platform expansion as customers add more endpoints. 

Malware Forensic Analysis

CounterTack offers online, instructor-led training program to provide digital investigators and incident response professionals with the tools and skills needed to effectively and accurately detect and respond to today's targeted malware attacks.

Our Introduction to Malware Analysis course is a four-hour, live, virtual course. The course is taught by one of the industry's best malware analysts.  

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