Incident Response & Forensics

When breaches happen, speedy response and mitigation is vital. GoSecure can help you understand the source, cause and extent of the breach quickly, and assist with an efficient, and thorough, clean-up.

Security Experts at your side

Comprised of security experts with years of experience in response and forensics, the GoSecure Incident Response team has performed thousands of investigations, helping minimize the exposure and facilitating rapid mitigation and clean-up. Whether you need a full-blown investigation, or simply another set of eyes, GoSecure can tailor an Incident Response solution to meet your exact needs.


Incident Response

Response time is essential. However the breach is detected, stopping the spread and minimizing the exposure is the first goal of any incident response engagement. But with the sheer magnitude of attack vectors and tactics, many organizations are lacking in the required security expertise to properly diagnose the breach and then implement an appropriate response.

GoSecure Incident Response services take advantage of our years of detection and response experience, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently. Our security experts cover many disciplines, allowing us to analyze everything from the endpoint to the internet to fully understand the nature of the attack. The GoSecure threat intelligence database provides a solid foundation from which we can correlate breach findings more quickly to develop a response plan.

Finally, implementing the response plan is key to fully containing the breach. GoSecure response services range from complete breach response to support of the internal security team. Our goal is to help minimize the impact and provide our expertise in the way that make most sense.


Digital Forensics

Once a breach is contained, it’s necessary to understand the intricate details of what happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. In many cases, there may be legal requirements connected to the breach that require expert analysis and insight. GoSecure Digital Forensics provides the thorough post-mortem required for both internal, and legal, teams. And the Digital Forensics analysis also provides recommendations to prevent future, similar, breaches. Ultimately, the goal is to understand what happened and prevent it from happening again.