Cyber Security Attacks Solutions: By Industry

Fortify Your Defenses Based on Your Business Needs

Organizations demand a new generation of endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions that map to highly specific criteria across all industries. 

Navigating Industry-Specific Challenges

Every industry has its own set of challenges in cyber security. Organizations in healthcare, for example, typically face different threats than those in financial services, in some cases. And the Federal government typically faces cyber security challenges that small to mid-sized businesses rarely see.

However, the connecting fabric of attacks across industries and company size is typically the methodology in which attacks are constructed, right down to how malware is architected for specific purposes. CounterTack delivers solutions that take into account those similarities, but also differences for what organizations need, big or small, Commercial or Federal, and in any industry.

Extend Beyond EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), in addition to other next-generation endpoint security technology, has traditionally been geared toward enterprise customers. CounterTack helps customers leverage advanced detection and response technology, and data that has been geared more toward

CounterTack can meet the needs of any size organization with technology and services that leverage behavior-based intelligence for lightning-fast detection across enterprise or emaller environments. 



CounterTack delivers enterprise-grade endpoint technology across its portfolio for security teams with varying needs. The Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform is architected specifically to scale to large, sophisticated systems, so that operators can leverage the context, visibility and response functionality across the entire environment.

Endpoint sensors detect potentially malicious behavior, push the data into the cluster at-scale and either present the intelligence to the user or remediate the threat. The platform’s API is purpose-built for customizable integration and intelligence ingestion, providing operators with threat visibility with a uniquely-built Big Data back-end to scale operationally.

Endpoint detection and response


CounterTack’s first testbed was in government systems, detecting some of the most dangerous attacks to prove out its tamper-resistant, highly aware detection capability for many of our nation’s agencies. Facing a litany of targeted, persistent attacks from nation-states and rogue criminal groups, CounterTack was an early pioneer of behavioral analysis as a new way to power the identification of unknown threats.

CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform turns the table on attackers for Civilian and Department of Defense customers with rapid threat detection through its EDR, Incident Response and Forensic capabilities to protect critical Infrastructure. CounterTack protects some of the most critical endpoint assets within the government to stop the most advanced attacks before they infiltrate and damage systems that power the country.

Cyber security


Small and mid-sized businesses are just as highly targeted by attackers and malware as large companies. However, often without the budget, skills or expertise, small companies fall victim to perpetrators who know they need to apply minimal effort to exploit them.

Many attacks on small businesses go undetected for months. And despite the use of antivirus, small companies don’t have the ability to scan endpoint systems for malware infections, particularly not within the memory, where 90% of malware typically hides.

CounterTack offers multiple solutions for small and mid-sized businesses to protect their endpoints.


CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) offers a advanced set endpoint security capabilities, and is delivered as a managed service to SMB, enterprise and Federal customers for unmatched detection, prevention and response functionality.