Industry Validation

GoSecure provides industry-leading cloud-based endpoint, network, web and email security with managed detection and response capabilities. From the outset, we have been laser-focused on developing innovative, robust and scalable technologies that customers can depend on to protect their organizations from the latest threats. We are proud of our achievements, especially when we are recognized by independent third-party testing organizations, industry analysts and security professionals.

Third Party Validation

Leading EDR Technology

ICSA Advanced Threat Defense Certified Product

  • 98.5% Accurate, 1.9% False Positive
  • Behavioral-based detection only, no NextGen AV or IOCs – yet performed comparable to the best AVs

MITRE ATT&CK Framework Certified

  • CounterTack Platform proven to provide real-time detection, root cause analysis, and real-time automated remediation needed to keep pace with the speed of today’s attacks
  • 5x more automated than CrowdStrike
  • Significantly surpassed Carbon Black capabilities, tactics and techniques

Leading Email Security

Strengths: Provides highly visible advanced threat protection and management that prevents data loss, meets encryption compliance, and includes services that maintain email continuity.

Verdict: Addresses the evolution of email-borne threats by factoring the human element into detection. Setup and administration are simple, and the customizable reporting provides detailed information for use in triage and remediation. A polished and intuitive dashboard encourages interaction, and its affordability makes it a solid solution for organizations of all sizes.

Industry Awards and Recognition

Analyst Reports

IDC Technology Spotlight
Managed Inbox Detection and Response

Customer Success

Resort and Casino organization
“The fact that GoSecure can detect unknown threats on endpoints quickly, greatly reduces the risk to our customers’ data.”
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Fortune 50 organization
“We identified 40 new pieces of malware within the first month of Active Defense deployment.”
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NeoNova (Managed Security Provider)
“The high level of email threat detection we receive from GoSecure allows us to highlight email protection as a valuable service differentiation for our customers.”
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City of Mansfield
“The accuracy we get with GoSecure allows us to spend more time on other aspects of security and not worry so much about email threats. The product’s performance has been very good and reliable.”
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3rd Party Technology

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