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GoSecure delivers superior products and services to enhance cybersecurity posture and protect against breaches. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from the industry.

GoSecure is a recognized cybersecurity leader and innovator, pioneering the integration of endpoint, network and email threat detection into a single Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. The GoSecure Titan® platform delivers predictive multi-vector detection, prevention and response to counter modern cyber threats. GoSecure Titan MDR offers a detection to mitigation speed of less than 15 minutes, delivering rapid response and active mitigation services that directly touch the customers’ network and endpoints. For over 10 years, GoSecure has been helping customers better understand their security gaps, improve their organizational risk and enhance security posture through managed and Advisory Services solutions delivered by one of the most trusted and skilled teams in the industry.

We are proud of our achievements, especially when we are recognized by independent third-party organizations, industry analysts and the clients we serve. Learn more about us from the perspective of others across our industry.

3rd Partry Industry Validation

Analyst Reports

Industry Rankings

What Clients are Saying

Awards and Recognition

3rd Party Industry Validation

GoSecure Named a Major Player in IDC MarketScape: U.S. Managed Detection & Response Services 2021 Vendor Assessment

GoSecure scored high marks on several IDC criteria!

  • Robust Data Security
  • Superior Threat Detection and Response
  • Breadth of Security Capabilities
  • Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Customer Support

“One customer noted the fast, effective MDR offering, and another gave kudos for ease of doing business, expertise and support. “ – IDC MarketScape 2021 Vendor Assessment


GoSecure Titan EDR is ICSA Advanced Threat Defense Certified

GoSecure Titan Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) was evaluated:

  • 95.2% effective overall
  • Almost 100% effective during the Q4 2021 test cycle, detecting all but 38 new and little-known malicious samples in the test set
  • Zero innocuous apps were improperly categorized as malicious

Industry Analyst Reports

IDC Report—Combining MDR and IDR Delivers an Integrated Approach to Stopping Breaches

The managed security services market has evolved quickly and many in the industry want to understand how to make the capabilities of Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions and providers work for them. This IDC Technology spotlight examines:

  • The current state of MDR
  • MDR vs XDR solutions
  • GoSecure Titan MDR solution capabilities
  • GoSecure Titan Inbox Detection & Response (IDR)—the innovative post-delivery approach to anti-phishing protection
  • How combining MDR and IDR delivers an integrated approach to stopping breaches

Industry Rankings

GoSecure Continues to be Ranked as a Top Managed Services Provider

In 2022, GoSecure is ranked #46 in the Top 250 Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) from MSSP Alert. This is the 5th consecutive year GoSecure has been ranked.

The annual Top 250 MSSPs company list — tracking the world’s top managed security services providers — is updated each September.



GoSecure Delivers Leading Email Security Gateway Solution According to SC Media

The GoSecure Titan Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solution has a long history of industry accolades. Which is why in an industry review of comprehensive email gateway security solutions, SC Media awarded the solution a “Best Buy” designation with five star ratings across all categories.

Strengths: Provides highly visible advanced threat protection and management that prevents data loss, meets encryption compliance, and includes services that maintain email continuity.

Verdict: Addresses the evolution of email-borne threats by factoring the human element into detection. Setup and administration are simple, and the customizable reporting provides detailed information for use in triage and remediation. A polished and intuitive dashboard encourages interaction, and its affordability makes it a solid solution for organizations of all sizes.

What Clients Are Saying About GoSecure

We’re most proud when our clients choose to recommend us to their colleagues each day. Getting a sale is one thing, keeping a satisfied client year after year is another. So, we like to shout from the rooftops when our clients collaborate with us to develop case studies about the amazing work we’ve accomplished together.

GoSecure Helps the World’s Largest Manufacturer and Distributor of Thread And Sewing Supplies Answer The Question – Are We Secure?

“The great visibility and control help me sleep better at night with peace of mind that we have broad visibility and control – and that 6,500 of our systems are secure.”

Benjamin Corll

VP of Cybersecurity and Data Protection / Chief Information Security Officer, Coats Group, PLC

GoSecure ‘Answers the Call’ for Nova Scotia Pension Services

“Things are detected. Things are identified. Things are quarantined. Rules are changed. For us, that’s been the big change. It’s not been blind panic every time something happens. It’s just dealt with like business as usual. We can do an awful lot more with an awful lot less, And it seamlessly integrates with everything that GoSecure is doing for us.”
Alan Tottman

Director of Information Management and Technology, Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation

City of Mansfield

“The accuracy we get with GoSecure allows us to spend more time on other aspects of security and not worry so much about email threats. The product’s performance has been very good and reliable.”

James Dougherty

IT Manager, City of Mansfield

Industry Awards and Recognition

Are you ready to work with an organization that has accolades across North America?
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