Managed Detection and Response

Combining Cutting Edge Technology and Event Visibility with a Highly Skilled Threat Hunting Team to Detect and Mitigate the Most Advanced Attacks

Proactive Security

The search for a “silver bullet” cybersecurity solution is never ending. Advanced adversaries continue to develop new attack methods designed to evade today’s security solutions. Security teams are looking to evolve from traditional passive security to proactive detection and response – the coupling of human threat hunting talent with predictive threat detection technologies to deliver successful and expedient threat mitigation.

How Quickly Are You Detecting Threats?

Most Managed Detection and Response and Endpoint Detection and Response solutions are confined to endpoint visibility. If something happens beyond the endpoint, the activity is invisible to the MDR/EDR solution. Only GoSecure Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines endpoint, network, email and insider threat detection and response to provide a true, enterprise view of your threat landscape. And our team of analysts is onboard 24×7 to protect you whenever, and wherever, an attack occurs.

GoSecure MDR is backed by a market leading 15-minute detection-to-mitigation SLA. With dwell times averaging months for many organizations, GoSecure MDR can dramatically decrease your time to mitigation for less than the cost of dedicated security personnel.

Collaborating With Your Security Team

GoSecure Managed Detection and Response (MDR) goes far beyond simple security incident alerting by taking a direct and active role in detecting advanced threats and proactively mitigating them before they compromise sensitive data assets or business operations. Our Active Response Center team becomes an extension of your Security Team.

Unparalleled Detection

Leveraging a big data approach, our hunt team tracks threats from the edge to the endpoint. They analyze behaviors on-disk, in the OS and in memory to detect, predict and mitigate the most advanced threats.

Consolidated Platform & Reporting

Our MDR features a unified platform consolidating multiple security functions and technologies. Alerts and reports are aggregated into a management portal accessible by MDR clients. GoSecure MDR also delivers a monthly report describing all the events seen, threats investigated, and action taken. Click here to view a sample MDR report.

24x7 Threat Hunting and Mitigation

GoSecure MDR features a dedicated hunt team with over 500,000 hours experience. They identify, track and stop advanced threats that other managed service providers miss.

Aggressive SLAS

With client agreement, we will own mitigation. We back that with 15-minute threat determination-to-mitigation SLAs, the most aggressive in the market.

Flexible Delivery Models

Available in convenient packaging, GoSecure Managed Detection and Response bundles are designed to address your needs today and tomorrow. To meet specific requirements, Titan can be customized and delivered via the cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Every organization is different, so GoSecure MDR is designed to be flexible enough to deliver the best outcomes for your organization.

Maximize Your Security Resources

GoSecure Titan helps organizations maximize their security resources by allowing them to focus on what matters most. Few organizations have all the required security expertise in-house, so gaps appear that could lead to disastrous results. With GoSecure MDR, you can rest easy knowing you have the most experienced team looking out for you 24×7.

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