Managed Firewall

24×7 Monitoring and Management of Your Perimeter Defenses

Defending Your Organization – Don’t Forget About Old Faithful

Technology sprawl continues at a rapid pace. Attend any security conference and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the shear variety of solutions that guarantee to solve all of security’s ills. Despite all the shiny new technology, the trusty firewall sits at the perimeter monitoring traffic like a faithful pet. And, like a faithful pet, all it’s looking for is some consistent care and feeding. But with every new technology added, the firewall get’s less and less attention until, one day, something major happens.

Manage Your Security, Not Your Technology

GoSecure Managed Firewall helps organizations address the challenge of monitoring and managing their firewall infrastructure. Whether a single firewall, or hundreds, GoSecure has the skills and resources to manage any size environment. Operating 24 x 7 x 365, the GoSecure Active Response Center provide global coverage to keep your firewalls operating at peak efficiency.

Monitoring: Full 24 x 7 monitoring of all systems, keeping a close eye on any performance or availability issues.

Incident Management: Service interruptions affecting system availability or performance are handled quickly based on our experienced runbook.

Change Management: Routine, minor and major changes can all be performed by GoSecure. Depending on the severity, GoSecure will perform testing, provide a recommendation and work with the customer to schedule the update.

Emergency Management: GoSecure performs all emergency changes and investigations to the managed systems.

Industry Leaders Supported: GoSecure Managed Firewall supports industry leading firewall vendors Check Point, Fortinet and Cisco. Our service allows for mixing-and-matching across a vendor’s portfolio, so no worrying about having all the same models.

Focus on What’s Important

Every organization prioritizes their security resources differently. Increasingly, however, firewalls are neglected to focus on the shiny new technology. With GoSecure Managed Firewall, organizations can rest assured knowing their entire firewall infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency. And when something does happen, or changes need to be made, GoSecure is there to help.

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