Managed Security Services

GoSecure Managed Security Services help you prioritize your security resources where they can deliver the most value.

Maximize your resources, don’t manage your technology

Many necessary security technologies don’t receive the attention they need due to stretched thin security resources. Firewalls and SIEMs are consistently left unmanaged (and unmonitored), whether due to a shortage of time, people or experience, until it’s too late. These vital resources need 24×7 management from experienced professionals.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are your perimeter, first line of defense. Scanning all inbound/outbound traffic, it’s vitally important to understand the rule sets, update as necessary, and respond to important alerts. Unfortunately, firewall management is becoming an afterthought as newer technologies steal the attention. Unmanaged firewalls can lead to weakened security as well as negatively affecting user productivity.

GoSecure Managed Firewall services address these issues, as well as helping maintain the firewall’s place in the broader security scope. Supporting many of the industry leading firewall vendors, GoSecure Managed Firewall services provides you the peace of mind of knowing your firewall is providing maximum protection and is being monitored at all times.

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Managed SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) aggregates events from across your security infrastructure, with the goal of notifying you with important alerts. Reality, however, can be much different. As more technology is added, more alerts are created, and the dreaded “alert fatigue” only gets worse. The problem has become so extreme that many breaches occur simply because an important alert was missed.

GoSecure Managed SIEM services help make heads or tails of the output from your SIEM. Red, yellow, green, low, medium, high – a SIEM has no shortage of alert types. But knowing which require immediate attention, and what the response should be, can be very challenging. From alert prioritization to 24×7 monitoring, GoSecure helps maximize your SIEM investment.

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