GoSecure Titan® Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Centralize Your Security Reporting

Centralize, correlate, maintain and report on security health data from applications, systems and devices with managed support options

GoSecure Titan® Managed SIEM focuses on rooting out malicious behavior and limiting alert fatigue. Our systems have use cases built on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. We have a library of more than 300 pre-built use cases. Based on their needs, organizations can choose from GoSecure Titan Managed SIEM Essentials and GoSecure Titan Managed SIEM Enterprise.

GoSecure Titan Managed SIEM delivers centralized security health information without the burden on the in-house team of developing and maintaining the SIEM tools.
GoSecure combines best-in-class tools with proprietary threat intelligence built over years of operational experience, and research from the team at GoSecure Titan Labs, to help clients shape a platform that delivers the right intelligence for them with fewer false positives.








Why GoSecure Titan SIEM?

Centralized Management

Working with a single tool to manage, filter and analyze data from numerous sources improves the ability to potentially spot threats and traces of malicious activity that may have previously gone undetected.

Speed of Verification

Speeds up the time to verify potential issues by applying use cases to identify high-risk, high-confidence threats and limit false positives.

Compliance Support

Can help organizations meet compliance monitoring and metrics requirements—with the ability to define parameters for logging and storage of data, as well as providing extensive reporting capabilities.

Comprehensive Protection

Complements GoSecure Titan Managed Detection & Response (MDR) which offers active threat hunting capabilities. When combined, these services deliver strong protection against advanced threats through a blend of automation and human support that becomes an extension of the in-house security team.

Want to learn more about how GoSecure Titan Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can assist you in centralizing, correlating, maintaining and reporting on your security health data?

To hear more about our SIEM options, speak to one of our security experts today!

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GoSecure Titan Managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)



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