Managed Detection and Response

For many organizations, security is an either/or decision as need far outweighs available resources. The need for new technology is apparent, but not so the budget or experienced personnel. GoSecure offers advanced, cloud-delivered detection and response solutions backed by the hyper-experienced team from our Advanced Response Center.

GoSecure Managed Detection and Response allows you to choose the exact level of protection for your organization. By offering flexible combinations of features, GoSecure MDR helps you match budget with security. And, as your security needs change, you can easily move to a higher level of MDR.

Security Tailored For Your Organization

GoSecure MDR allows you the flexibility to choose what you need today, but upgrade to more functionality as your security requirements change. And with each successive level of MDR, you get an increasing amount of monitoring and mitigation from the GoSecure Advanced Response Center.

By extending protection beyond the endpoint, GoSecure MDR is better able to protect against the latest advanced threats. Adding inbox and network detection and response capabilities to our MDR offering provides the highest level of visibility. The GoSecure Advanced Response Center then applies multi-observational analysis to understand “what it does” and “what it can do” to develop the best possible response.
Next-Generation Antivirus checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
Endpoint Detection & Response checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
24×7 Service Monitoring checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
24×7 Standard Auto-Response checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
Proactive Threat Hunting checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
Multi-Dimensional Threat Intelligence checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
Context-Based Incident Response checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
24×7 Advanced Threat Response checkmark-red checkmark-red checkmark-red
Inbox Detection & Response   checkmark-red checkmark-red
Network Detection & Response Optional Optional checkmark-red
Insider Threat Detection & Response Optional Optional checkmark-red
In-Memory Analysis Optional Optional checkmark-red

Working Together To Maximize Effectiveness

GoSecure MDR delivers the breadth of functionality required to protect every organization from todays advanced attacks. Every element is designed to work both independently, but also collaboratively with all others. And the GoSecure ARC is constantly operationalizing all interactions to maximize their synergistic interoperability.

Next-Generation Antivirus
Replace legacy antivirus solutions with the latest endpoint anti-malware technology to address emerging, fileless, memory-based attacks and more.

Endpoint Detection & Response
Leverage cutting edge threat hunting and machine learning to continuously monitor and observe all aspects on endpoint activity to mitigate attacks before they happen.

Inbox Detection & Response
Stop phishing and ransomware attacks in the email inbox before they ever reach the endpoint.

Proactive Threat Hunting
Not content with just reviewing alerts, the GoSecure Advanced Response Center uses alert data to deliver proactive threat hunting specific to your environment. As attack techniques change, it requires a team that understands how to connect the proverbial pieces to find the threats targeting your organization.

Multi-Dimensional Threat Intelligence
Threat intelligence is the foundation of all security operations. GoSecure combines threat intelligence from numerous sources, in addition to our own dedicated research, to create our proprietary multi-dimensional threat intelligence.

Context-Based Incident Response
Stopping attacks as quickly as possible is the goal of every security organization. By understanding the context of an attack, GoSecure MDR is able to quickly respond in the exact way necessary to mitigate the initial attack and set the stage to defend against future attacks.

Network Detection & Response
Proactively monitor and detect unwanted network traffic activity to identify and mitigate network compromises and internal attacks.

Insider Threat Detection & Response
Detect and eliminate malicious and unwanted behavior by employees and administrators to secure data and protect business reputation.

In-Memory Analysis
The only true in-memory threat detection, GoSecure In-Memory Analysis scans live memory, reverse engineers suspicious code and then predicts malicious intent.

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