Network Detection & Response

Visibility to Detect Lateral Movement of Hidden Attacks

Endpoints Are the Start, but Lateral Movement Could Be the True Goal

Breaches happen many ways. While endpoints are commonly thought of as the main target, in many cases they are simply the entry point to lateral movement. GoSecure Titan Network Detection and Response identifies lateral movement to stop the breach from spreading.

GoSecure Titan

Visibility Leads to Detection

Detection requires visibility. The better the visibility, the faster the detection. GoSecure Titan Network Detection and Response quickly correlates endpoint and network activity, using our multi-observational analysis, to pinpoint suspicious/malicious intent and respond accordingly.

Multiple Sources for Better Visibility

Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response provides a robust NIDS which performs real-time traffic, deep packet, and behavioral analysis in search of anomalous activity. NIDS combines third-party threat intelligence with an in-house developed ruleset providing GoSecure with the ability to detect security threats in a client’s environment. Our NIDS engine is highly scalable and can support sustained network traffic speeds of 10 gigabits per second.

Log Intrusion Detection System (LIDS)
Once deployed within the client network, the GoSecure Titan MDR appliance collects logs from a variety of sources, providing additional contextual information used to reduce false positives and confirm the validity of potential threats. The appliance receives logs from a multitude of device types, such as Operating Systems, IPS, Firewalls, Proxies, Web Filtering and other security point devices.

Correlation for Action

GoSecure’s multi-observational analysis accurately generates a suspicion level based on disparate events. By combining information from endpoint and network alerts, GoSecure’s detection level is industry leading. Going beyond simple packet captures, GoSecure Network Detection and Response uses our extensive threat intelligence database to identify threats across multiple sources and correlate these actions quickly. From scanning activity that might indicate upcoming lateral movement to policy violations, an early indicator of insider threat activity, GoSecure Titan Network Detection and Response is a vital element of our GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response service. Phishing, brute force attacks and communications with malicious sites are just a few of the network sources monitored and correlated by GoSecure Titan Network Detection and Response. No source is too obscure, and no alert too trivial.

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