Enterprise Systems: How VM Introspection Transforms Honeynets into Lean, Mean, APT-fighting Machines

Posted by Jill Newbury    Jul 23, 2012 10:54:00 AM

Honeynets are an often-overlooked means of defense in today's cybersecurity landscape. The term conjures images of a simpler time when script kiddies holed-up in mom and dad's basement represented the biggest security threat organizations faced online. Honeynets of that bygone era were difficult to set up and equally complicated to maintain.

Beyond operational complexity, honeynets of old weren't very effective. The idea of a honeynet is to dupe an attacker into thinking they've breached a working production asset. However, few were fooled by early versions of these traps; some even managed to infiltrate older honeynets and turn them into launch pads for attack staging. The modest forensics payoff for this potential liability was of limited interest because there was little to no actionable intelligence collected.

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