Enterprise Systems: Top 3 Trends For Cybersecurity In 2013

Posted by Jill Newbury    Dec 7, 2012 11:35:00 AM

What should IT security professionals be watching out for this year? Here are the top three trends they should be paying attention to.

2013 Trend #1: A new emphasis on catching criminals

In 2012, Microsoft inadvertently informed the primary authors and operators of the Zeus and SpyEye crimeware platforms of an upcoming civil lawsuit. A subpoena of the defendants’ Gmail accounts prompted Google to notify the suspects about the lawsuit being issued on behalf of Microsoft and potentially law enforcement. This disclosure, ironically a result of Google’s privacy policy, included the level of attribution that had been collected over years by a working group and independent security researcher. A few months prior, the Koobface gang was outed, prompting criminals throughout the world to begin evaluating their operational security and asking themselves questions about the footprint of their digital identities. In doing so, they began to get smarter -- and harder to isolate.

In 2013, we foresee this trend continuing: international law enforcement agencies and world governments peel apart the Internet in attempts to identify criminals, including digital hacktivists, such as the Anonymous group. For example, if just a fraction of the sum of Anonymous members can be identified and tied to some of the more prevalent threats to e-commerce from 2012, it will only be a matter of time until it becomes easier to attribute specific illegal online activities to these criminals.

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