IT Business Edge: The Downside of Twitter

Posted by Jill Queenan    Apr 24, 2013, 8:42:00 AM

In this story on IT Business Edge, The Downside of Twitter, Sue Marquette Poremba reported on the Twitter hack involving the Associated Press handle. CounterTack Chief Researcher Sean Bodmer weighs in, “I would wager this was meant to harm our International platform and partners as I am sure similar events occurred in March the Syrian President had to respond and recover from. Social Engineering has been in use for decades and there are numerous effects, just like the Dow Jones dropping this afternoon in the wake of the AP Tweet. There were also numerous calls across the world attempting to verify and validate the AP (a trusted group) story. Moreover, this took away from U.S. action items for the day to respond to the flood of requests.”

Topics: Cyber Security, Cyber Attack, Sean Bodmer, News, Media Coverage, Twitter

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