SCADA Security: No One Wants to Start a War, But They Could

Posted by Jill Queenan    Jul 1, 2013 1:36:00 PM

HackSurfer logo"Instead of fixing all their software problems, they're just trying to layer in security in the middle," said Sean Bodmer, chief researcher at CounterTack, in this article by Jeff Peters on HackSurfer: SCADA Security: No One Wants to Start a War, But They Could. Bodmer continues, "Some of these programs and some of these turbines are still running on Windows 98 believe it or not. I saw one a year and a half ago out in Washington state. The cost of these SCADA companies, energy companies, to actually turn off those turbines and do the software upgrade from Windows 98, in 2012 – the last year that I saw it – it costs them so much money they’d rather just wait until it crashes before actually stopping the turbine. It costs millions of dollars to stop and clean and get back going and the load balancing.”

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