CEOCFO Magazine: Q&A with CounterTack CEO Neal Creighton

This Q&A article with CounterTack’s CEO Neal Creighton reviews how cyber attackers are still penetrating the most sophisticated, layered defenses. CounterTack is leading the way in new solutions for in-progress deeper security intelligence monitoring and faster attack response.With Cyber Attackers Still Penetrating the Most Sophisticated, Layered Defenses, CounterTack is Leading the Way in New Solutions for In-Progress Deeper Security Intelligence Monitoring and Faster Attack Response.With Cyber Attackers Still Penetrating the Most Sophisticated, Layered Defenses, CounterTack is Leading the Way in New Solutions for In-Progress Deeper Security Intelligence Monitoring and Faster Attack Response.

Infosecurity Magazine: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks AP; DOW Briefly Tumbles

Infosecurity Magazine reviews the hack of the Associated Press Twitter account that led to false tweets about explosions at the White House and subsequently almost instantly wiped $136 billion off the DOW. In the story, Syrian Electronic Army Hacks AP; DOW Briefly Tumbles, Sean Bodmer, chief researcher for CounterTack, puts the hack down to a retaliatory PsyOps operation. (If correct, the clear implication is that SEA is engaged in pure and simple cyberwarfare against the US.)

IT Business Edge: The Downside of Twitter

In this story on IT Business Edge, The Downside of Twitter, Sue Marquette Poremba reported on the Twitter hack involving the Associated Press handle. CounterTack Chief Researcher Sean Bodmer weighs in, “I would wager this was meant to harm our International platform and partners as I am sure similar events occurred in March the Syrian President had to respond and recover from. Social Engineering has been in use for decades and there are numerous effects, just like the Dow Jones dropping this afternoon in the wake of the AP Tweet. There were also numerous calls across the world attempting to verify and validate the AP (a trusted group) story. Moreover, this took away from U.S. action items for the day to respond to the flood of requests.”

SC Magazine: Suspect Everything: Advanced Threats in the Network

Despite their investments in endpoint security systems, Deb Radcliff reports on SC Magazine – Suspect Everything: Advanced Threat in the Network – that organizations are waking up to the ugly truth that they are nearly blind when it comes to advanced attacks and malware lurking in their networks. According to Sean Bodmer, chief research of CounterTack, applying intelligence to data analysis is critical when attackers are adept at outsmarting layers of security.

PC Mag: Dotcom's Mega: Privacy And Security Woes

In this article from Max Eddy on PC Mag’s SecurityWatch blog, Dotcom’s Mega: Privacy and Security Woes, CounterTack Chief Researcher, Sean Bodmer, weighs in on Mega’s encryption systems.

DailyTech: 'BYOD' Issues Creating Headaches In The Enterprise

Michael Hatamoto reports on DailyTech, ‘BYOD’ Issues Creating Headaches In The Enterprise. BYOD policies can open the door to costly security issues and loss of productivity. Late last year, a CounterTack survey of IT security officials revealed that most companies are clearly unprepared to tackle BYOD policy.

Boston Business Journal: CounterTack Gets First Patent For Cyber Attack Protection Software

The Boston Business Journal highlights CounterTack’s first patent for cyber attack detection: CounterTack Gets First Patent For Cyber Attack Protection Software. CounterTack Event Horizon software allows for data collection and intelligence gathering from within operating systems. It targets enterprise and government organizations at the risk of advanced, targeted threats.

The Washington Times: Glitch Imperils Swath Of Encrypted Records

A widely used method of computer encryption has a little-noticed problem that could allow confidential data stored by almost all Fortune 500 companies and everything stored on U.S. government classified computers to be “fairly easily” stolen or destroyed.

The warning comes from the inventor of the encryption method, known as Secure Shell or SSH.


As a teenager in the 1990s, Sean M. Bodmer hacked government computers and was arrested by the FBI. Today, he is a top researcher at the computer security firm CounterTack, based in Waltham, Mass.

“It’s quite horrific what access you can get with an SSH key,” Mr. Bodmer told The Times.

Mr. Bodmer described how a hacker could use abandoned keys to move through a supposedly secure computer network by hopping from server to server.

“It’s a domino effect” security breach, he said.

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eWEEK: DOE Cyber-Security Audit Shows Incident Reporting, Management Hurdles

An audit of the Department of Energy's Cyber Security Incident Management Program found that duplicative efforts and the inconsistent reporting of cyber incidents are challenging security management.


Government reporting and accountability of compromises, incidents and loss of protected networked knowledge remain disjointed and inadequate, according to Sean Bodmer, chief researcher at security vendor CounterTack.

The biggest issues are not the incident responders in the trenches who want to honestly do their jobs, but almost always one of the typical political or policy challenges that "plague the Information Assurance and Security professionals working for and in the U.S. government," he said.

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Clearance Jobs: Cybersecurity News Round-Up: Targeted Cyber Attack Poses ‘Credible Threat’ To U.S. Banks

The financial industry must prepare for a “mass fraud campaign” that will target 30 of the United States’ banks by spring 2013, according to a new report.

Less than three months after news surfaced that massive denial-of-service cyber attacks shuttered the websites of some the nation’s most prominent banks, including Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, a new report from security firm McAfee advises that there is still a “credible threat.”


 “Coordinated campaigns targeting financial services organizations are not novel, and have been in play since well before 2010,” Sean Bodmer, chief researcher at cyber attack intelligence firm CounterTack told ClearanceJobs in a statement. “What’s new and most interesting is the mass profit sharing model being trumpeted.”

 “It would seem that the criminal underground is maturing at a much faster pace than world governments believe,” he added.

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