CounterTack and Trustwave Deliver New Managed Detection & Response for Endpoints Service

Posted by Tom Bain   |   February 14, 2017

New Managed Security Service available from Trustwave Delivers Breadth of Coverage for Customers Worldwide Beyond EDR and Traditional Endpoint Protection

SAN FRANCISCO – RSA CONFERENCE -- February 14, 2017 – CounterTack and Trustwave today announced the availability of Trustwave Managed Detection and Response for Endpoints, a managed security service that helps businesses worldwide, ranging from enterprise organizations to SMBs, pinpoint potential infiltrations and neutralize advanced endpoint threats.

The integration of CounterTack’s market-leading Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) into a cloud-delivered, managed security service from Trustwave gives security teams unprecedented global breadth of 24/7/365 protection, behavior-based threat intelligence and continuous detection and response of the most dangerous endpoint threats – through a single powerful endpoint sensor from CounterTack. CounterTack’s ETP platform is available as part of the new Trustwave service, providing customers with a set of technologies and services managed across nine Trustwave global Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCS) – with specialists who hunt and eradicate threats before they accelerate and impact businesses.

Recognized by industry analysts as the fastest-growing global MSSP, Trustwave, with its new Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint service, is anchored by its global security operations, combined with the Trustwave SpiderLabs® incident response, ethical hacking and security research team, forming a nearly unbeatable force on behalf of customers worldwide.

Trustwave Senior Vice President of Product Management C.J. Spallitta said, “Teaming with CounterTack to deliver an entirely new level of endpoint protection as part of our Managed Detection and Response for Endpoints service helps our installed base with more visibility and control over the mounting threat landscape they face. Integrating the continuous, behavior-based detection and response capabilities from CounterTack helps Trustwave reduce risk, promote business resiliency and challenge attackers, at a time when endpoints are emerging as the most susceptible tier within the IT stack.”

CounterTack’s ETP platform capabilities provide forensic-class analytics, layered on top of behavioral, machine learning and binary analysis techniques within the Trustwave service. As a result, Trustwave and CounterTack customers can benefit from early detection, preventative controls, and automated response capabilities, coupled with highly intelligent correlation capabilities before endpoint threats can fully execute or escalate in severity.

“Trustwave and CounterTack together are countering the forceful nature of today’s advanced, targeted threats to deliver a new breed of global protection for customers,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “Chances are, when advanced, unknown threats have started to penetrate companies using competitive services, and the media starts talking reporting on resulting data breaches, Trustwave and CounterTack will have already eliminated that threat and reduced any opportunity for it to re-emerge across its large customer base.”

Increasingly enterprises are turning to managed security services as their preferred cybersecurity deployment model. According to the 2016 Security Pressures Report from Trustwave, 86% of cybersecurity professionals already partner or plan to partner with a managed security services provider in 2016.

“The combination of endpoint threat detection, analysis at-scale and predictive analytics facilitates Trustwave’s endpoint service, and their experts to hunt for threats across the full threat lifecycle to protect customers,” said Doug Cahill, senior analyst, ESG Global. “CounterTack has refined its technology and has added multiple detection techniques to into its sensor architecture that are designed to better protect endpoints and expedite response for customers. Trustwave’s breadth of capability and global incident response expertise, paired with CounterTack’s single-sensor-based endpoint platform demonstrates a comprehensive, customizable approach to managed services.”

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CounterTack delivers the one true Endpoint Threat Platform, (ETP) to enterprise customers globally. CounterTack provides a unique combination of threat context, organizational resiliency and broad visibility, to mitigate endpoint risk and reduce the impact of advanced attacks. Combining a robust suite of endpoint detection and analysis capabilities by leveraging a single endpoint sensor and an open, scalable multi-tenant infrastructure, CounterTack helps IR and security teams neutralize and prevent advanced threats from damaging the business. CounterTack delivers its next-generation technology to over 250 customers globally.

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