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CounterTack Announces Digital DNA® Product Licensing Program to Help Organizations Improve Threat Detection

Posted by Nate Buell   |   August 3, 2016

Industry’s Only Memory Forensics and Behavioral Analysis Technology of its Kind Integrates with Enterprise Security Platforms to Reverse Engineer Advanced Threats; Digital DNA Also Now Integrated into CounterTack’s Sentinel EDR Platform

Black Hat North America Conference, LAS VEGAS (August 3, 2016) - CounterTack today announced a new product licensing program by offering its patented memory analysis technology Digital DNA® (DDNA) to organizations looking to enhance advanced threat detection capabilities. The launch of the DDNA product licensing program cements CounterTack firmly within the integration ecosystem of cybersecurity vendors, software providers, hardware manufacturers and cloud-based organizations.

As part of the announcement of the DDNA product licensing program, CounterTack has also now integrated DDNA behavioral memory analysis capabilities into Sentinel, its Big Data Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) platform to give customers more context and visibility around how threats might execute across their endpoint environments. Sentinel customers will soon benefit from its robust, real-time monitoring capabilities, in addition to in-memory analysis of advanced and unknown threats, for a full picture of the entire threat lifecycle. (pre-incident, during an incident, post-incident)

With five new partners already leveraging DDNA, CounterTack will be announcing a broader ecosystem of partners soon.

Digital DNA® scans live physical memory, proactively identifying malicious behaviors rather than matching patterns and Signatures. DDNA has unparalleled memory forensics and behavioral analysis capabilities that detects zero-days, rootkits and other malware not detected by signature-based solutions. Digital DNA cuts through the wide array of anti-forensic measures employed by today’s most dangerous and advanced malware to identify potentially malicious software running in physical memory.

“We are happy to launch the DDNA licensing program to help organizations better defend themselves against the most dangerous attacks globally, and purpose-built malware,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “Not only are we improving the efficacy of detection and analysis for partners, we have now integrated DDNA into our Sentinel platform, giving customers the unique ability to detect attacks in progress, and predict how threats might play out across large and often distributed, endpoint environments.”

DDNA is the only patented memory analysis technology that automatically reverse-engineers memory images, examining code for potentially malicious behavioral traits & threats. DDNA integrates seamlessly into products and services via API, driver and library, offering immediate value to improve threat detection and value for service offerings.

Digital DNA performs the following steps:

  • Scans live physical memory or memory snapshots
  • Identifies behaviors and techniques rather than patterns and signatures
  • Calculates a module-level threat score based on identified behaviors
  • Detects malicious software, APTs, zero-days, and rootkits that traditional anti-virus software can’t

“The susceptibility of the endpoint to targeted and commodity-based attacks has emerged as the single biggest attack vector organizations are facing today,” said Doug Cahill, Sr. Analyst, ESG Global. “DDNA is a compelling technology set that complements any other detection engine, and could substantially elevate the value of offerings for service providers who partner with CounterTack. Now, CounterTack’s Sentinel customers will also receive the benefit of additional threat detection and analysis capabilities with DDNA built in.”


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