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CounterTack Joins ‘Powered by Cloudera’ OEM Program

Posted by Tom Bain   |   August 6, 2014

Black Hat USA 2014, Las Vegas, NV (August 6, 2014) – CounterTack, a pioneer in delivering real-time endpoint threat detection, context and visibility around targeted attacks, today announced that it has joined the ‘Powered by Cloudera’ OEM Program. CounterTack leverages Cloudera’s Big Data platform, Cloudera Manager Enterprise Edition, to ingest colossal amounts of endpoint data to deliver a deeper behavioral analysis at scale for its enterprise customers. This gives security operators unprecedented context into attacks in real-time, so they can implement a prioritized response across hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Countertack was recently recognized in CRN as a cool startup (The 10 Coolest Security Startups of 2014 (So Far)), addressing the demands for better incident response, advanced threat detection, and spotting unusual system and user behaviors that could signal an attack.Organizations are faced with the nearly impossible task of efficiently handling and analyzing often incalculable quantities of endpoint threat data, and with Cloudera, Sentinel eliminates the need for cloud-based solutions to manage larger amounts of security information at a scale.

CounterTack’s Sentinel platform consists of stealth collection technology and other integral components that work with Cloudera’s Big Data technologies to provide real-time endpoint threat analysis and ultimately help operators make better security decisions with instant search results in enterprise endpoint environments. Leveraging Cloudera’s on-premise data cluster and CounterTack’s threat intelligence capability, CounterTack Sentinel operators will be equipped with real-time data analytics and forensic-level analysis across workstation, laptop and server endpoints.

“By joining the ‘Powered by Cloudera’ OEM Program, CounterTack is excited to be part of the industry’s largest Big Data ecosystem, giving companies with cloud security challenges an opportunity to take control of their endpoints in real-time,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “Identifying endpoint threats in real-time is imperative to today’s evolving threat landscape and what sets CounterTack apart from competitors is our ability to deliver to customers context and visibility into advanced persistent threats at scale.”

The ‘Powered by Cloudera’ OEM Program affords a wide variety of opportunities for companies such as CounterTack to jointly deliver integrated Big Data solutions to the market. With the largest and most vibrant partner ecosystem in the market, Cloudera ensures that organizations can deploy an enterprise data hub where and how they need to, build and deploy solutions efficiently, and run a wide variety of applications, tools, frameworks and platforms within their Cloudera deployment.

“For our customers in finance, government, healthcare, and other highly-regulated industries, inappropriate access to sensitive data is a significant concern,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera. “Security is a non-negotiable and is mission-critical for enterprises to operate today. CounterTack’s Sentinel platform based on our market leading Cloudera Enterprise technology ensures security issues are easier to manage. We welcome them to the ‘Powered by Cloudera’ OEM Program and look forward to continued success.”  

CounterTack is exhibiting at the 2014 Black Hat Conference at booth #764. The company will be giving live demonstrations of its industry-leading CounterTack Sentinel platform.  


About CounterTack:

CounterTack's real-time endpoint threat detection and response platform, CounterTack Sentinel, delivers unprecedented visibility and context to enterprise security teams around targeted, persistent threats. CounterTack dramatically reduces the impact of advanced attacks, providing real-time, behavioral-based intelligence on attacker activity upon infiltration, so organizations can defend their business leveraging Sentinel's contextual attack evidence for a rapid, prioritized response.

By combining 'stealthware' technology and Big Data analytics, CounterTack turns the tables on attackers, giving security teams and incident responders an advantage over their adversaries to make better security decisions with real-time, automated, forensic-level analysis. CounterTack is revolutionizing how companies defend their endpoints -- across the enterprise.

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