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CounterTack | MCSI Announces New Responder® PRO ‘Try and Buy’ Offering

Posted by Tom Bain   |   October 20, 2015

Advanced Forensics Incident Response Tool Responder® PRO Available as a Free Downloadable and Fully-featured Trial Version; New Virtual Instructor-led, Interactive Responder PRO Product and Malware Training  Also Available

WALTHAM, Mass. (October 20, 2015)— CounterTack | MCSI, the leader in Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), today announced a new Try and Buy program for its industry-leading, reverse-engineering, forensics and malware analysis solution for incident responders. The Responder PRO Try and Buy program will allow customers to download a free, fully-featured version of Responder PRO for 15 days, that supports both Windows and Linux systems.

Responder PRO gives incident response teams the ability to forensically drill into malware code to expedite investigations, but to retrieve a level of predictive analysis for how threats will execute through Digital DNA behavior-based analysis engine – all designed to deliver more accurate threat analysis and to minimize both attacker dwell time and data exfiltration on corporate endpoints.

In addition to offering a free trial version of Responder PRO, CounterTack is also rolling out a new live, online training program designed to train customers on Responder PRO, along with a set of dynamic malware forensics lab exercises. The live training will be offered as a flexible, convenient, interactive virtual session designed to provide customers with a basic-level, practical session to start using Responder PRO efficiently to reverse-engineer malware threats – delivered by forensics subject matter experts (SME’s).

To download a free trial of Responder PRO, please go to:

To register for Responder PRO and basic malware training, please go to:

Responder® PRO is the most advanced tool available for reverse engineering – recognized as the industry standard for physical memory and automated malware analysis solution. The newly released version, Responder PRO 3.0, gives incident responders the tools to effectively validate and respond to security incidents. Through the CounterTack | MCSI website or the Responder PRO eShop, customers can download their 15-day trial subscription in just a few clicks.  Once downloaded, CIRT teams, cyber forensics investigators and security operations personnel can reverse engineer Windows or Linux memory images rapidly to discover how threats might execute across distributed endpoint environments.

“Incident response personnel have an extremely challenging task that requires them to do two things quickly and accurately – detect security incidents and prioritize an investigation to determine impact,” said Doug Cahill, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “CounterTack’s Responder PRO provides response teams with the ability to drill down into malware assembly code binaries for forensic-level visibility. The ability to take out a trial version is an excellent opportunity to assess the value of the Responder solution prior to deploying to the entire incident response team.”

Key Responder PRO features:

  • Analyze physical memory images and perform memory forensics on endpoints to determine how threats will execute.
  • Reverse engineer critical threat intelligence found in physical memory from chat sessions, registry keys, encryption keys and socket information.
  • Detect malware delivery and rootkit behavior not found by anti-virus software with a high-level overview of each binary’s possible capabilities.
  • Inspect assembly code and gather actionable intelligence through a comprehensive disassembly process.
  • Automatically identify suspicious activity and present in print-ready report for management, remediation teams, or law enforcement.
  • Deep malware analysis including automated code disassembly, behavioral profile reporting, pattern searching, code labeling, and control flow graphing.

“We are so confident in the quality of intelligence delivered by Responder® PRO that we are making the product available to incident response professionals to try before they buy the technology, in addition to other solutions to benefit IR teams,” said Scott Pease, Director, Product Management, CounterTack | MCSI. “During the trial period, operators will learn that Responder® PRO provides a thorough analysis, unlike any other product on the market, enabling users to view critical threat intelligence they would otherwise not be able to access.”

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