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CounterTack and Wapack Labs Announce Threat Intelligence Partnership

Posted by Tom Bain   |   February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015 - Waltham, MA and Manchester, NH – CounterTack, the leader in Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Wapack Labs, a leader in cyber threat intelligence and analysis, today announced a joint partnership to deliver best-of-breed, intelligence-centric endpoint security to the enterprise.

Enterprise customers who rely on CounterTack Sentinel as their Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform will benefit from a direct feed in Sentinel to Wapack Labs’ Threat Recon cyber intelligence service. This integration will deliver enhanced intelligence and analytics around known and discovered threats that have the potential to infiltrate enterprise systems. This service is part of CounterTack’s customer-centric approach to delivering endpoint security intelligence, and augments the behavioral capture of the attacker and insider endpoint activity.

“Adding Wapack Labs’ Threat Recon service gives us the unique capability to deliver an added layer of threat intelligence to our customers that is vetted, analyzed and verified,” said Mike Davis, CTO, CounterTack. “Intelligence gathering and improving how corporations analyze threats is the first and most critical step to protecting proprietary data and intellectual property.”

Through CounterTack Sentinel, Wapack Labs’ intelligence capabilities deliver data for security teams to make more informed decisions, more quickly on how to best defend against sophisticated threats. Their research capacity is far-reaching and their offering aligns with how CounterTack delivers intelligence, at-scale, to customers.

“Intelligence sharing is a critical next step in the evolution of the security architecture for corporations today across all industries. As we know, no company or industry is insulated from corporate espionage and breaches. It’s as if every global company has a bulls-eye on its back,” said Jeff Stutzman, co-founder and president of Wapack Labs. “Our team is dedicated to helping our partners, such as CounterTack and their customers, stay at least one step ahead of today’s attacks and threats.”

CounterTack and Wapack Labs will host a webinar on Friday, March 27 at 1:00 PM EST, “Improved Threat Mitigation and Incident Response: Real-time Endpoint and Threat Analytics 2015.”

Join CounterTack CTO Michael A. Davis and Wapack Labs’ Co-founder Jeff Stutzman as they will address best practices in leveraging threat intelligence with Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response technologies.

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About Wapack Labs

Located in Manchester, NH, Wapack Labs Corp. is a spin-off from Red Sky Alliance Corp., founded in 2011. Wapack produces intelligence in support of many types of projects: Mergers and Acquisitions, defense against Advanced Persistent Threats, compromise assessments and diagnostics, counterfeiting, brand protection, and financial crimes.

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About CounterTack

CounterTack is the leading provider of real-time, Big Data endpoint threat detection and response for the enterprise. CounterTack's Sentinel platform provides unprecedented visibility and context around endpoint behavior to targeted, persistent threats to improve incident response and threat detection, enterprise-wide.

Built on Big Data architecture to counter endpoint attacks at-scale and leveraging its stealthware technology for pure behavioral capture on workstations and servers, Sentinel dramatically reduces the impact of advanced attacks in real-time, giving teams an opportunity to defend the enterprise before incidents escalate.

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