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CounterTack to Sponsor Challenge at Hacker Halted USA 2013

Posted by Tom Bain   |   September 6, 2013

WALTHAM, Mass. (September 6, 2013) - CounterTack, the only endpoint security organization delivering real-time, cyber threat detection and forensics to the enterprise, today announced it will sponsor the 'Take Back The Endpoint' Attacker/Defender speed challenge at Hacker Halted in Atlanta, Ga. September 19 to 21, 2013. This timed challenge will provide security and forensic professionals, including those receiving or maintaining their CEH, CEFI or ECSA certifications, with a platform to test their skills.

The contest provides participant teams (of up to three members) the opportunity to challenge their skills and speed, while testing the boundaries of CounterTack's technology as both attackers and analysts. CounterTack Scout helps organizations tactically monitor product endpoints, while Sentinel can be deployed enterprise-wide in the largest, most sophisticated environments for unprecedented visibility into advanced threats. 

CounterTack Scout is the world's first commercially available security solution utilizing Deep System Inspection technology, which provides unique visibility into attack behavior. CounterTack Scout is the world's first commercially available security solution utilizing Deep System Inspection technology, which provides unique visibility into attack behavior. 

As "attackers," participant teams will perform a full-scope reconnaissance, enumeration, exploitation, "pump and dump" attack against the target network. Target network contents are broken up into a task list of various data types that are stored throughout a myriad of servers and workstations. As "defenders," the team will perform a post-mortem analysis of the attack data sets using an analysis workstation with packet capture (PCAP), logs, and the CounterTack Scout 4.0 user interface. The analysis cell will work to identify the attribute tools, techniques, protocols and lost data. Participants will receive points for how quickly and effectively they are able to complete the challenge. Register here:

In addition to the challenge, CounterTack Chief Researcher Sean Bodmer will present a session entitled "Technology Deathmatch - Ever So Sweet, the Arms Race Is On" on September 21, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. EDT.

As a gray hat researcher, Bodmer has a unique perspective on the state of the cyber security industry and today's most advanced threats. In this session, Bodmer will provide a window into the security challenges that are motivating those on both sides of the security arms race - security professionals and cyber criminals. This presentation is intended to help security professionals better understand the dangers they face and the countermeasures they must take to protect their intellectual property.

"The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and in order to stay one step ahead of attackers, today's security professional must learn to think like a hacker," said Bodmer. "Understanding both sides of the arms race will enable security professionals to better protect their networks and reduce attacker dwell time when advanced attacks inevitably circumvent even the most robust defenses currently available." 

Bodmer will also teach a three-day training course, which will highlight the latest tactics and best practices for threat intelligence and analysis.


CounterTack is revolutionizing security by bringing real-time attack detection and forensics to the endpoint, rendering traditional endpoint security obsolete with Sentinel. The counterintelligence derived shortens the gap between detection and remediation for enterprise organizations.

By actively engaging attackers, CounterTack helps organizations dramatically reduce the dwell time of advanced threats and the damage attackers can cause, gaining valuable intelligence on methodologies and affected business assets.

Through blazing-fast detection, real-time attack capture and immediate analysis, CounterTack provides unparalleled visibility into malicious behavior, enabling organizations to make smarter decisions on countering known and unknown threats to protect their business.

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