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Improve security posture, enhance your security defenses, and get expert guidance with GoSecure Red & Purple Team Services.

When it’s time to test current capabilities, configuration of technology tools, and the processes of an in-house security team, consider Red and Purple Team Strategic Services. While the approach to Red Team and Purple Team services are different, both can deliver improved security posture, enhanced cybersecurity defenses and a better prepared team – ready to respond to real-world attacks.

GoSecure Red and Purple Team Services are valuable, custom engagements tailored to the objectives of the organization. Engagements for Red and Purple Team services will assess organizational risk and determine current state of capabilities to protect against attacks. Clients receive detailed, custom reports tailored to the security environment and offer transparency to security teams, leadership, and compliance teams.

Red & Purple Team Reports

Red Team

Red Team Services

Detailed recommendations to address security challenges.

Purple Team

Purple Team Services

A comprehensive list of improvements that have already been implemented.

Many organizations have documented plans for business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response – but don’t evaluate, update or get regular external validation of their effectiveness or assess how they work together. GoSecure has expert resources who can help assess and make improvement recommendations relevant to the organization, industry and technology tools based on the current threat environment.

Does your organization invest in SOAR, SEIM, EDR or NDR technologies?

Time to find out if your organization truly protected! A Red Team or Purple Team engagement will help make the most of your investment by testing the configuration and capabilities of your organization’s defenses and supporting technologies.

Red Team Services

GoSecure Red Team strategic engagements combine multiple available attack techniques with experienced security professionals to test the in-house capabilities at an organization, the Blue Team. Blue Teams within the organization, such as the Security Operations Center (SOC), Incident Response, etc. will defend as GoSecure’s best threat emulation professionals try to infiltrate based on objectives identified by the organization.

Red Team

  • Red TeamExternal Expert Attackers
  • Multiple Threat Vectors

Purple Team

  • Red TeamCollaborative Problem Solving
  • Test, Fix, Repeat

Blue Team

  • Red TeamIn-House Professionals
  • Defend Against Attacks
Compliance teams, executives and security leadership are among the stakeholders who will value the external perspective provided by the specialized expertise delivered during a Red Team engagement. GoSecure professionals understand the threat landscape and use that knowledge to illustrate risks and gaps, as well as evaluate controls with the goal of protecting against attacks.
With a Red Team exercise, the in-house Blue Team will not know how or when the attack will be executed to create as much realism as possible. While at the same time, the exercise will provide a safe environment for Blue Teams to execute incident response protocols and leverage their tools. A Red Team engagement results in a report filled with actionable recommendations tailored to the organization’s risks, gaps and objectives.

Purple Team Services

GoSecure Purple Team strategic engagements take a ‘test, fix, test again, repeat’ approach to rapidly improve security posture for organizations through a long-term, collaborative engagement. A Purple Team consists of security experts from GoSecure and professionals from the in-house “Blue Team” who work through attack scenarios together. A Purple Team engagement works best for organizations who want:

  • Rapid improvement in security posture – fixes are implemented and re-tested throughout the process.
  • Advice and coaching from specialists – in-house teams learn from working side-by-side with top security industry professionals who understand the threat landscape, attacker practices and response techniques.
  • A list of accomplishments instead of suggestions for improvement – thanks to the unique, collaborative approach, most of the risk and gaps will be addressed immediately, no need to wait for a report.

Purple Team Model for Rapid Security Posture Improvement

GoSecure offers an industry-leading approach to Purple Team services with each engagement designed to the objectives of the organization. In-house Blue Teams will be empowered through the engagement, learning from experts on topics like Incident Response, gaining knowledge on threat hunting techniques and studying how to use offensive tools. Organizations can also focus on improving the capabilities and configuration of their current security technology. Purple Team services will help prepare organizations to defend against real-world attacks.

Do you want to improve security posture, enhance cybersecurity defenses and determine if your tools, policies and people are ready for a real-world attack?

Contact us and we’ll help you determine if a Red Team or Purple Team engagement is right for your organization.

Choose Your Team!

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