GoSecure Responder PRO

Industry Leading Memory Forensics Tool for Reverse Engineers

Understand the Attack to Defend in the Future

Many endpoint security tools only gather surface-level intelligence, which often don’t provide incident response pros with enough information to either reimage a machine or understand the broader impact that malware analysis artifacts might have, when discovered. GoSecure Responder PRO helps reverse engineers understand exactly how malware was executed on specific machines, with the ability to disassemble and visualize the results. Further, reverse engineers can produce reports that demonstrate with granular, fine-grained detail on root cause to define how threats have penetrated and to illustrate to managers how threats will potentially impact other machines.

Behavior-Based Memory Analysis

GoSecure Responder PRO leverages proprietary behavioral engine, Digital DNA, to obtain impact scoring, which helps users in malware analysis and other threat indicators to uncover root cause. The fundamental difference is Responder PRO delivers a consistently updated tool behavioral intelligence source, built on over 3000+ traits, to correlate the analysis performed on a single machine.

Every element of physical memory can be analyzed with Responder PRO, from the standard process and module details to extensive details on open files, sockets and registry keys. Memory Forensics and reverse engineers can scan document fragments, Internet history, and keys and passwords are automatically extracted from memory and made available.

Responder PRO’s deep malware analysis includes automated code disassembly, behavioral profile reporting, pattern searching, code labeling, and control flow graphing and is based on our flagship technology, Digital DNA®. It can analyze both 32-bit and 64-bit memory.

Powered by Digital DNA

GoSecure Responder PRO leverages Digital DNA (DDNA) for enhanced threat detection, to help hunt threats in memory forensics and to help operators predict how threats will play out. DDNA functions as a critical forensic layer of threat intelligence for teams in countering advanced attacks at the binary level and neutralizing them.

DDNA is the core IP within the Responder PRO tool that sets it apart from any other solutions. No other tool can match the breadth of behavioral traits that DDNA delivers to reverse engineers and incident responders.

Unprecedented Memory Investigation Capabilities

Stopping an attack is critical but understanding how it was executed will allow you to defend against it in the future. With fileless malware a growing concern, security teams require a state-of-the-art tool to perform advanced memory analysis. GoSecure Responder PRO, powered by Digital DNA, provides forensics investigators the power to reverse engineer even the latest fileless malware.

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