GoSecure Titan® Secure Email Gateway

Defending your business against email-based threats of today and tomorrow

Safeguarding the most attacked threat vector of your business

No matter what business you are in, effective communication is essential to succeed. Email continues to be the tool of choice to keep us connected with customers and the remote workforce. The challenge is that while email is a critical communication tool, with phishing accounting for 90% of data breaches1 and 85% of breaches involving a human element2 it is also the most significant point of vulnerability that often results in increasingly costly and impactful downtime.

While cloud email solutions can offer basic security capabilities, email attacks are increasing in volume and complexity and the effectiveness and reliability of native solutions are being called into question. Businesses are dissatisfied with the one size fits all approach to email security with nearly 3 out of 4 companies currently using Microsoft 365 for their email wanting additional protection.

GoSecure’s Titan Secure Email Gateway adjusts dynamically to the ever-changing landscape of email threats to help to protect your business from costly ransomware and down time.

GoSecure’s Titan® Secure Email Gateway adjusts dynamically to the ever-changing threat landscape to protect your business from costly ransomware and downtime. We combine machine learning, behavioral scanning, exploit prevention, signature-based detection and structure heuristics with human analysis to provide unrivalled defense against phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks, spam, polymorphic malware, identity theft, account takeover and other dangerous or offensive content.

The GoSecure Titan Secure Email Gateway Difference – Stop Threats Before They Hit the Network

Advanced Protection

Multiple layers of protection protect against today and tomorrow’s email threats.


Machine learning-
based detection









GoSecure Titan ARC

All GoSecure Titan solutions are powered by our Active Response Center (ARC), a 24/7 advanced security operations center that works to continuously identify and respond to new attacks as they emerge. The ARC provides respected and industry-leading threat intelligence from a combination of multiple security and engineering disciplines which is used to defend against email-based attacks.

Ready to stop malicious email content in its tracks?

Speak to an expert about how to enhance your email security with the proactive protection & prevention against increasingly complex threats offered by the GoSecure Titan Secure Email Gateway!

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GoSecure Titan Secure Email Gateway

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