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GoSecure Security Compromise Assessments identify ongoing and past attacks potentially compromising networks, endpoints and the cloud.

That’s the question every organization is asked by executives, Board of Directors, shareholders, and many others. And for many organizations, it’s not a black/white answer. Are you being attacked? Have you been breached? Are you losing data? These are the questions the GoSecure Security Compromise Assessment will answer for you.

Security Compromise Assessment

GoSecure’s Security Compromise Assessment (SCA) delivers comprehensive and detailed investigation of advanced malware and advanced adversary activity, covering the network, the endpoints and the cloud. It identifies past, and ongoing, threats to your IT infrastructure.

GoSecure SCA delivers 60-days of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR). GoSecure SCA applies a hybrid approach using automated malware scans with active human threat hunting, including:

  • Dedicated and experienced threat hunting team
  • Threat hunting software agent deployed on up to 2,000 endpoints
  • Automated anti-virus and malware scans
  • Network traffic monitoring
  • Log analysis

Our SCA team alerts you as soon as a threat is detected. For every alert, we offer guidance and provide recommendation to secure the network and to re-establish and maintain an effective security posture. Finally, SCA delivers a C-Level report summarizing all risk to your environment, including network traffic analysis, endpoint detection and response and more.

I Want to Believe

Many organizations want to believe they have not been breached but are unable to prove with 100% certainty this is true. The GoSecure SCA can answer this question and help you understand how best to move forward.

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