Security Technology

As threats become more advanced, and increase in volume, it’s necessary to evaluate your existing security technology stack. Are your current vendors keeping up with recent attack tactics? Are you missing a key element in your infrastructure? Looking to consolidate vendors, even for some of your primary security solutions? GoSecure Security Technologies are a diverse mix of our own solutions plus a handful of market leading vendors.

Maintaining the Right Mix of Technology

Things change. What worked yesterday may not be working today. GoSecure has built a portfolio of security technologies that cover the primary attack vectors used today.

Endpoint Protection

The days of legacy antivirus are over. It’s far too easy for cybercriminals to check their latest attacks against all AV technologies, resulting in a 100% bypass rate. GoSecure Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the next-generation solution to protect your endpoints. With coverage both on, and off, your network, GoSecure EDR is the only endpoint solution that monitors in-memory attacks, protecting your organization from increasingly powerful fileless malware.  Learn More

Endpoint Security Lifecycle

Patching is the bane of many security organizations but is the foundation on which all security is built. You can’t block everything from entering your network, but you can keep your operating systems and applications patched against all known vulnerabilities. GoSecure Endpoint Security Lifecycle automates patch management not only for your operating systems, but also hundreds of business applications. Learn More

Email Security

Still one of the main breach points, GoSecure Email Security protects your organization at the gateway from annoyances (spam) to truly malicious (ransomware). With over 10 years of email security experience, GoSecure Email Security protects both your on-premise and cloud-based (like Microsoft Office 365) email servers. Learn More

ResponderPro Forensics Toolkits

Mature security organizations have personnel skilled as performing breach forensics. ResponderPro is highly respected by the forensics community and continues to be one of the foremost forensics’ toolkits.  Learn More

Web Security

Commonly used as a delivery vehicle for attacks like ransomware and malware (and many others), protecting the web channel remains vitally important. GoSecure Web Security is an industry leading web security and filtering solution.  Learn More

Third Party Technology

GoSecure can sell and implement some of the industries most respected security brands. Designed to complement our own portfolio, our 3rd party portfolio can help you fill some key gaps in your security infrastructure.  Learn More

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