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We acknowledge the current situation with outbound mail being bounced to the domain (Verizon email to text) due to an apparent real time and/or block rule on the Verizon mail servers. This impacts our Cloud Secure Email Gateway and only domains who send Outbound email via the GoSecure Email Gateway. We have repeatedly contacted multiple channels into Verizon but we have received no status, feedback or updates. As for the GoSecure outbound mail, we believe it to be clean and without knowing the cause of the blocking from Verizon ( we cannot investigate further. Verizon ( has put a static blocks on large swaths of IP address spaces, including the entire GoSecure space, which leaves us with no avenue to mitigate within our infrastructure. Furthermore, we have found on Verizon community forums that Verizon has, or are in the process of, changed their email to text policy and is NOT accepting “non-enterprise” connections. It appears Verizon has instituted a paid service in order to deliver email to text (Enterprise Messaging Application Gateway EMAG).

To mitigate these Verizon ( blocks GoSecure customers must implement the workaround to allow the mail to be sent directly from your mail servers (bypass the GoSecure Email Gateway). Below are steps for Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online. For other mail server platforms, you may need to reach out to their support for similar steps to accomplish this workaround.


  • 7.2; 7.0; All Versions


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