Cyber Threats Solutions: by threat

The Growing Threat Landscape

Threats occur when organizations least expect it.

Be prepared to counter any kind of threat to prevent your business from getting breached. 

Highly Targeted Threats

Organizations face cyber threats that are often targeted directly at their company. And despite having people, process and technology in place, many threats are still able to find their way through security layers already in place.

The first problem with targeted cyber attacks is that attackers study their targets using highly sophisticated tactics and methodologies to penetrate their defenses. The second issue is they leverage a lethal combination of malicious malware yet, they also leverage other easy-to-detect malware to obfuscate and distract security teams.

Motivated Criminals

Random cyber threats and nation-state campaigns feature methodologies and specific executables designed for stealing funds or espionage purposes are concerning too. Couple that with highly advanced and crippling classes of attacks like ransomware, and its clear organizations have to understand their own threat landscape, and they have to know.

With close to 90% of data breaches caused by threats that organizations have not seen previously, its clear that across today’s threat landscape, companies cannot detect what they don’t have visibility into. 


unknown threats

Unknown threats don’t execute with any indicators. Unknown threats have not previously been seen in an organization’s network, data center or within the user base. These are commonly referred to as zero-day threats. And most endpoint detection engines will not identify the right behaviors associated with unknown threats because they rely on signatures despite how they market their technology.

CounterTack’s biggest strength as a company is the ability to detect behavior through a multitude of detection techniques, behind an algorithm engineered to capture threat data that is not meant to be captured. CounterTack leverages behavioral analysis, machine learning and binary methods to correlate threat data quickly and meticulously to power preventative controls, and a rapid response to neutralize threats.


Known Threats

CounterTack’s products and services map directly to the need that companies have in terms of quickly eradicating known threats from their systems. Known threats carry signatures that are detected by many different engines, including antivirus and other EPP platforms. Known threats can consist of commodity malware, that might not pose a critical threat on the surface.

CounterTack’s solutions have built-in integration with VirusTotal so users can easily check cross-reference malicious hashes, against every antivirus engine, to determine if it is in fact malicious. This is an enormous advantage for operators as they can quickly know what an executable might do, and move onto the next incident with confidence. CounterTack takes the opposite approach other vendors do, letting operators back into known threat detection with a wealth of unknown threat intelligence to support teams with intelligence-driven threat prevention.

cuber threats

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware extorts money from organizations and individuals, and it’s the most dangerous class of attack on the planet today because it requires the most accurate detection and preventative techniques to counter. A successful ransomware attack prevents users from file or system access by encrypting them, forcing the victim organization to pay a ransom. Presumably, the attacker will restore the victim’s access by delivering a decryption key, after receiving payment.

Because CounterTack’s innovative technology analyzes the operating system and memory with rapid surveillance techniques, organizations can counteract ransomware attacks before the encryption is fully applied. With no true silver bullet to stop ransomware attacks and prevent every variant from some level of infiltration, CounterTack provides rapid, accurate detection results based on behavior, and and will notify the operator in real-time, across thousands of endpoints with no performance hit.

A Differentiated Solution Set

CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is architected to give teams the confidence that they can prevent known threats from impacting their business, neutralize, and then contain unknown threats. The Endpoint Protection Platform delivers full-spectrum threat context, endpoint visibility and resiliency to teams facing known and unknown threats, including ransomware.



For organizations who prefer a managed deployment, CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is integrated into Trustwave’s Managed Detection and Response for Endpoints (MDRe) global managed service. Trustwave adds 24/7/365 coverage across nine global SOCs, along with intelligence from SpiderLabs.