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Driving Reduced TCO, Adaptive Cybersecurity & Business Resilience

GoSecure Titan Managed XDR

Combine industry-leading security technology with highly skilled professionals who become an extension of the in-house security team to address advanced threats before they can compromise sensitive data or business operations.

GoSecure Titan Platform

Centralizes your network, endpoint and event data and delivers custom ‘single pane of glass’ views.

Expanded Protection

Prioritize critical alerts with more threats detected, faster mitigation and lower overall security costs.

GoSecure Expert Advisory Services

Improve cybersecurity posture, test your ability to identify & respond to threats, improve your capability to defend against threats and ensure you can comply with regulatory and privacy standards.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Address identified security risks & gaps with actionable insights and practical recommendations.

Breach Readiness Services

Test & sharpen incident response capabilities and be prepared to respond when a breach happens.

Incident Response Services

Prepare to contain, resolve and recover from breaches faster, minimizing operational, financial & reputation impact.

Penetration Testing Services

A comprehensive appraisal of an organization’s ability to identify threats and defend against attacks.

Cybersecurity’s Practical Impact on Business

When considering the relative importance of investing in cybersecurity, it’s worth noting that the practical impact often goes well beyond the simple task of protecting against threats and attacks, or even detecting and responding to incidents to actually enabling and supporting significant business outcomes.

Business Continuity

In the event of a breach or an attack, the top priority is restoring business operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries are legally required to comply with cybersecurity regulations.


Protect against the threat of data exposure or loss by keeping data safe and secure.

Secure Intellectual Property

Secure proprietary knowledge within your company from falling into the wrong hands.

Protect Cloud Workloads

Secure critical business workloads against attack as they migrate to the cloud.

Insurance Eligibility

Cybersecurity Insurance providers require protective measures for policy approval.

Research Report

State of Cybersecurity:
Sharing the Burden, the Defenders’ Perspective

With budget and staffing pressures increasing and critical responsibilities rising, security decision-makers are exploring ways to leverage force multipliers in the form of security services partners to improve their posture and practices.

Coming to an Event Near You!

GoSecure connects with our colleagues and customers across North America by participating in the top industry events, as well as local and regional activities that promote collaboration across the security community. We’re honored to present regularly as experts on a wide range of security topics and excited get to know you better through networking activities. Check out our events calendar for upcoming opportunities to connect with the GoSecure team.


Discover the impact of Managed XDR on business continuity & resilience

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I know I can pick up the phone and call GoSecure. It’s peace of mind. We know something can happen, but when it does someone can help us.


It was a great move (to GoSecure Titan Managed Firewall). We have seen a decline in hassle. I don’t get calls at 2a.m. anymore—because they get dealt with.

Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation

I realized how focused and knowledgeable the (GoSecure) team was and that our organization would not just be a number, but a partner with a name.

Coats Group PLC

“We can do an awful lot more with an awful lot less And it seamlessly integrates with everything that GoSecure is doing for us.”

“It was a great move (to GoSecure Titan Managed Firewall). We have seen a decline in hassle. I don’t get calls at 2a.m. anymore — because they get dealt with.”
— Alan Tottman, Director of Information Management and Technology

“I have been most impressed with the continued growth and improvement of the GoSecure portfolio.”

“The great visibility and control helps me sleep better at night with peace of mind that we have broad visibility and control – and that 6,500 of our systems are secure.”
— Benjamin Corll, VP of Cybersecurity and Data Protection / Chief Information Security Officer

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