Vulnerability Management as a Service

Automate Critical Endpoint Hygiene Tasks to Increase Your Security Posture

Address Threats with Vulnerability Management

Cybersecurity hygiene requires constant vigilance, including keeping all systems up to date with the latest patches. Even a single missed patch could expose your organization to a breach. When you manage enough workstations and servers, keeping software current can quickly become complex without patch management software to take care of it. With nearly 25,000 new vulnerabilities discovered every year, ad-hoc vulnerability patching is no longer ‘good enough.’ GoSecure Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) streamlines patch management offloading the burden on your IT staff. And, we deliver visibility and control over all of your endpoints and help you significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities.

Continuous Identification and Patching of Endpoint Vulnerabilities

Poor patching, non-standard application deployment and unmanaged endpoint security put organizations at risk. GoSecure VMaaS protects, secures and manages your endpoints eliminating vulnerabilities that can cripple your operations. It helps you to achieve continuous control, protection and compliance. And with support for over 7,000 applications, you can be assured that your most critical applications will remain patched against the latest vulnerabilities.

Maximum Endpoint Hygiene at Minimal Cost

Automated endpoint patch management helps shorten vulnerability windows by implementing patches to every applicable computer in hours instead of weeks. For many organizations, this requires numerous labor hours to configure and manage. GoSecure VMaaS decreases the burden on your IT staff and:

  • Improves security posture by patching vulnerabilities in hours.
  • Helps achieve compliance through vulnerability scanning.
  • Provides reports and metrics to demonstrate overall improvement in security posture.
  • Helps dramatically reduce the number of unpatched vulnerabilities.
  • Delivers visibility and control over all endpoints.
  • Automatically identifies systems, applications and patch level.

Proactive Security with a Continuous Remediation Approach

With GoSecure VMaaS, security teams can make endpoint hygiene a proactive security activity, rather than reactive. And with reporting to show the output and value, we deliver a demonstrable return-on-investment almost immediately. Achieve continuous, automated endpoint hygiene today with GoSecure Vulnerability Management as a Service.

Operating System Support

GoSecure VMaaS supports more than 90 operating systems across Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems.

Application Support

Extending well beyond operating systems, GoSecure VMaaS supports identifying, and installing, patches from major application vendors like Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.


Compliance, both regulatory and internal, reporting allows organizations to quickly demonstrate their current patch management status.

Device Support

Managed endpoints may include servers, desktops, roaming laptops, virtual machines, cloud systems (i.e., AWS, Azure etc.) and specialized devices such as Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices.


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