GoSecure Titan® Platform

Expanded Protection, Broad Visibility and Scalability in a Centralized Platform

GoSecure Titan

The GoSecure Titan® platform consolidates critical security data, provides unmatched visibility and delivers proven protection with customizable views.

Security professionals share a single top concern – protecting their organizations from attacks. With early warnings, the GoSecure Titan® platform blocks many attacks before they can impact an organization. And with GoSecure Managed Detection and Response (MDR) expert human threat hunters are delivering mitigation services to help ensure that threats are addressed quickly and effectively to protect the organization from significant damage.
“The great visibility and control help me sleep better at night with peace of mind that we have broad visibility and control – and that 6,500 of our systems are secure.”
– Benjamin Corll, VP of Cybersecurity and Data Protection / Chief Information Officer, Coats Group, PLC
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Organizations are also seeking more visibility into the health of their infrastructure and events within their technologies. GoSecure Titan MDR offers broad visibility and better protection – checking for three times more unique event types than the industry standard. The GoSecure Titan platform allows organizations to detect more threats, mitigate faster and lower overall security costs.

Proof of Protection

When you are responsible to manage security, your priority is to deploy a trusted security platform that responds to threats in real-time.

The GoSecure Titan® platform enables organizations to see and respond to potential threats. With early warnings, the GoSecure Titan platform can block many attacks before they can impact an organization. And with the GoSecure Titan platform, expert human threat hunters help ensure that threats are addressed quickly and effectively to protect the organization from significant damage. This activity is all visible within the platform and views are customizable with options based on the depth of detail and type of information needed by your organization.

Why the GoSecure Titan Platform?

Built for Scale

The GoSecure Titan is built to scale with you. It is developed on a data lake back-end and is delivered entirely in the Cloud. The platform consists of three main components:

  • Endpoint Sensors
  • Collectors
  • Real-time Threat Intelligence

Endpoint Protection

The GoSecure Titan platform delivers the two pillars of endpoint security – NextGen Antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Combined, they deliver the full-spectrum threat detection to expose new malware, ransomware, and fileless threats that circumvent legacy endpoint solutions.

Network Protection

Robust Network Detection and Response (NDR), combining full packet capture, intrusion detection, log capture and sandboxing, provides detailed visibility into suspicious behavior on the network. Combined with endpoint protection, the platform extends detection across the entire path of a threat.

Predictive Analytics

The core of the GoSecure Titan platform offers easy to understand alerts that predict malicious intent with a level of certainty. The alerts and dashboards help security organizations prioritize their efforts more effectively. Alerts and dashboards ensure that efforts to address threats can be prioritized more effectively.

Automated Response

GoSecure Titan’s automated capabilities will contain and terminate known threats before they can execute. This allows security analysts to focus on more advanced attacks requiring their immediate attention. Human threat hunters will be able to focus on more advanced attacks requiring immediate attention.

Customization with a Click

The GoSecure Titan dashboard is completely customizable to your specific use cases. Share critical information with executives, dive deep into the data for technical analysis, see all the details of the attacks that have been prevented and understand the health of your endpoints – in a simple, understandable view.

Want to see the GoSecure Titan platform in action?

Connect with a GoSecure expert today to learn more and schedule a demo of the platform.

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